Temple Thinks This Could Be A big Deal For His 2x2 System
5 May 234 min 12 sec

Temple talks about why this slow release nitrogen product from


 could be a big deal for his planter applied fertility. 

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Rose from extreme mag here. I got a guest here today with me. He's my guy in my 00:06 area. This is Joe with Agri liquid and he's going to take a couple seconds here. And we're going to tell you about our labs this year. So we got two Labs that 00:15 were doing. Well a lab for the extreme AG is basically an extreme. Trial track right? It's an extreme trial. So our Extreme 00:25 Trials are 40 acres and we'll do a 40 acre trout. Now, we're doing one a little bit different with Joe. So what we're doing here with ours, 00:35 we've got 40 acres but it's four different ones one's a 10 acre of my general standard practice and then we're gonna change a bunch of stuff as we 00:45 go along. So Joe's here today. He's delivering a new product that he wanted to Aid in so why don't you tell him something about some of our 00:54 trials? So what we're looking at in the trials is Temple gave me his grower standard and we I wouldn't say we overhauled it. 01:01 We just tweet a couple things. So we looked at what he's already doing. Grab some Agra liquid products that'll fit into that program. And then 01:07 so we do a grower standard pass and then we do a we're gonna do a path with some sulfur we're gonna look at some liberate calcium that Kelly's had some success with and then 01:17 on the soybean side, we're gonna check some of our foliar programs that have worked well in this region that 01:22 Teamwork that I want Temple to try as far as the product I brought today. I was talking to Temple last week about his planner set up and as two by two system that goes 01:31 out the back and we're talking about nitrogen and I thought we have a 90-day slow release nitrogen in a liquid 01:38 form. That is perfect on a planner. It releases throughout most of the growing Seasons. Well we're going to do is we're going to throw a few 01:44 gallons on with the corn but we're all gonna put a couple gallons going out with the soybeans as well to give them a nice slow release nitrogen. 01:50 So we brought that out this morning to add to the programs. We're already doing. Yeah. 01:55 So that's one of the good things so, you know, he came up with this and you know our two but two system 02:01 on ours, it's it's a system that I came up with on my own 15 18 years ago and I'm banding it on top to 02:07 ground. So I'm a lot more volatile. So there's 90 days slow release could be a big deal for me. You know, I'm pretty volatile because I'm not burying it two inches 02:17 deep, you know, I'm two inches on either side of the of the fur of the ditch, whatever you want to call it. So this might work out really well, you know, we also fight, you 02:27 know, we fight cows him out here. We're a local soil. We fight that he's coming up with a couple ways that we can help fight that you know, we're gonna 02:38 fight some of it follow your we're gonna fight some of it in Furrow. We all so fight out here. We're in a Chesapeake Bay 02:45 Watershed. So one of the things that is cool about liquid is is they have so many different versions of how we can put things on we can put things on 02:55 Infer we can put things in our tuba two and we can put things in foliers so us out here. 03:01 We need to be substainable, you know, we can only put on so much fertilizer at a time. So beans that we can spoon feed it and we got so many different ways and Joe's helping 03:11 us try to figure out different ways of spoon feed it all throughout the season. We're trying to do things a little bit different. We're trying to Stage the crops. We're trying to 03:21 feed them what they need at that time. So, You know, this is a great thing about these Partnerships that we have. You know, we're we're all learning together. We don't know anything, you know 03:32 more than what you guys know, it's we come up with a lot of these ideas, you know, just in you know, Joe and I 03:38 talking on the phone all the time we come up with a lot of it. Yep. Yep for sure and you mentioned learning we're gonna have a great learning opportunity on August 22nd at 03:45 the farm here where we can come see Growers. Come see the trials. We're doing it's gonna be a great event and Temple keeps saying we're gonna learn something that's a good opportunity for other 03:55 Growers or people in the industry to come learn something about what temples doing what agric liquids doing 04:01 and in the partnership we have with with extreme egg. Yeah. We'll be back to you soon guys. Thanks so much. Thank you.

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