Enhancing Root Growth and Soil Health
8 Jul 243m 9s

Temple Rhodes talks about the results of a root dig to compare control samples with those treated with a Holganix product.

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00:00 Hey guys, this is Temple from Extreme Ag. I've got the guys from Holganix out here. This is Brian Strider. So Brian, we went out there 00:06 and we did a root dig. Today, the proof's in the pudding. This is a control versus using the Holganix product. 00:12 And this was not applied infer in the planter. Mine in particular was used in a sprayer and it was applied after we plan it over the top. 00:20 Well, that kind of leads to the point where as we talk to other farmers that we can actually put it in furrow and get a great result, or we can broadcast it 00:28 through the sprayer and get a, get a great result. As we're getting started here with you, we're V five, V six corn, V four, V five, V six, 00:34 and you're getting good, good root stimulation. Yeah, by putting it on the ground, I was actually surprised to see what kind 00:41 of difference it was, what we saw visually out there. I didn't feel like it was a visual difference in the plants and it's so hard to see nowadays, 00:48 but you can actually go out there and do a root dig. We actually saw a difference there. What I was surprised with was, you know, 00:54 we were out there doing soil samples with this new tool that you got. We're doing tissue samples with it as well. 00:59 Our levels are a little bit elevated where we use the whole GAMTs. We are seeing the higher zinc levels, which I'm not sure 01:05 what that's about, but we're gonna dig in more about that. But the surprising part was the tilt of the earth. 01:10 That's what really kind of fascinated with me. You know, you brought a guy here today, instead of bringing a shovel, he brought 01:16 Pitchfork to dig up roots with. I made fun of him the whole time. Meanwhile, I was running all over the field, you know, 01:21 sticking it in the ground and actually going out there and sticking in the ground from, you could see, you could feel it right to the line. 01:27 Just the the tilt that's in the earth, in the Holganix versus the check it. It's really surprised me. Is this something normal? 01:34 Well, it is what we are shooting for. And what I mean by that is, is we are trying through soil health, through getting your fungi, bacteria, 01:42 and your produce levels going in the right direction to change your soil tilt. So with that being said, yes, that's what we are seeing. 01:48 And to your point, the reason why we do the soil samples, the reason why we do the tissue samples, 01:53 and the reason why we we dig is because we want you to know, or we want to know that it's working in your soil 01:59 and that's where it's supposed to go. And then it will go up through the soil into the plant. Yeah, I mean, I think the future, I mean, 02:05 you think about what the future is. We talk a lot about carbon credits, we talk about the future. 02:10 It really is basing all around can we make our soil more healthy, basically hold more carbon in our soil. 02:16 All these things seem to be the same line. All of us are starting to go down. It is about sustainability, 02:22 it is about regenerative agriculture. These are some of the products that I think that are gonna help us take us to the next level. 02:28 Absolutely. And the reason why we are working very closely with the carbon is because roots put carbon in the ground. 02:34 Yeah. And if you look at these roots right here, look at how much more carbon they're gonna put in 02:38 the ground cow than this one. I'm not picking on this one, I'm just saying this one here is gonna 02:42 give you a better bank of your bucket. It's gonna give you a better chance to get better. ROI. This isn't an NCGA plot, 02:46 so if you mess this up, I'm blaming you. Oh, this is your fault. Well, dang. 02:53 So anyway guys, we're gonna follow this thing through. We've got a bunch of trials on corn and in soybeans and in wheat as well. 03:00 This year. We're taking it all the way to yield and we're gonna see how this works out for us.

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