If I had To Choose
5 Jul 230 min 54 sec

Temple has moved over to his AgroLiquid corn lab for an update on a field with some ALS damage on it.

00:00 So we're out here in, uh, basically a 40 acre trial, and this is for agri liquid. We got four different versions. It's kind of like a, you know, 00:07 it's one's my 10 acres worth of a grower standard practice. And then they ate a few products on another trial, another 10 acres. 00:14 Then they ate a few more, and then it's kind of a more of a full ascended package. I've looked at all of 'em. I don't see a lot, a lot of difference in them. Uh, 00:22 I will tell you that we had some issues with, with ALS damage and it looks like the kind of the descendant version where it's super healthy, 00:30 it kind of mitigated or kind of got rid of some of that stress of a ls. Maybe it helped it, um, metabolize some of that chemistry a little bit better. 00:38 So, so far so good. If I have to hang my hat on one, it's probably gonna be to send it program that they came up with, but why would I do anything else but send it? See you soon.

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