Momentum Planter on Strip-Till Corn
13 May 2452s

Temple has been trialing the Fendt Momentum Planter on his strip-till fields. He especially likes the way planter arms perform when going through ditches.

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Roads of Extreme Ag. We've taken an opportunity to run this fent planter a couple days on strip till corn. 00:06 Um, I'm actually really impressed with it. Most of our ground's fairly flat. We only have some surface ditches in it 00:13 and maybe some waterways here and there, but it's amazing to watch this planter work versus watching, you know, the planters that we've run in the past work this 00:21 whole entire frame rate here as this planter and this tractor run through the ground. It sits there and lifts up and, and puts it down. 00:28 These parallel arms stay basically exactly the same all the time as it runs up and down through the ditches. 00:34 So we're, we're pretty impressed with that so far it's got all precision stuff on it. Um, it's, I got precision stuff on my other planters. 00:42 I'm very familiar with it. So we've made out pretty good with that. So, so far so good. We will let you know how it goes from here.

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