Tar Spot Stopper?
14 Apr 233 min 50 sec

Damian talks to Kelly Garrett about a new fungicide from FMC that utilizes three modes of action to target aggressive diseases like tar spot that are working their way west in the corn belt.

00:00 Hey there coming to you from commodity classic with Gail stratman and Kelly Garrett talking about a lab that we're gonna be doing. I'm sorry 00:06 a trial in Iowa on corn Acres that is gonna be kind of cool because it's all about a Fungicide and a new product you get rolling out a dastrio pedestrio. It's 00:16 a new three mode of action three-sided action fungicide that FMC is introduced in 2023 kind of limited quantity. So these guys are going to be the first ones to 00:25 get a look at this and the commercial experience. You know, it combines. Like I said three modes of action really targeting broad spectrum 00:31 Disease Control from tar spots Southern rust to our more commonly spot diseases like gray Lee spot and Northern quarterly flight so really excited to 00:40 bring that out. Like I said gonna be a strong long residual product to Target some of those difficult diseases like tar 00:46 spot that we're seeing that progression move west in the Corn Belt Kelly. What are you expect to see? Why do you 00:52 need this product and more importantly what excites you about this trial? You're gonna be doing I feel that the average 01:00 Roller, I feel that we focus too much on fertility. I feel like we're wasting 25% of our fertility budget because 01:06 we don't pay enough attention to plant health and plant stress tar spot is already at my place. We've already identified it. We try to find it with plant Health. We 01:15 try to fight it with fungicide. It causes stress any knee tool that we can have in the toolbox to help with plant health. 01:21 I'm All About by the way, we talked about this a number of different videos fertilize fertilized fertilize fertilize fertilize 01:27 big yield big yield and your point is always what about plant Health? What about plant Health Plan help doesn't mean just feed the heck out of it with 01:33 nutrition it can sometimes mean let's just start with the healthy plant. It's absolutely correct. We need to protect what we've got fungicide 01:39 protects the yield that we've got. Our spot is a terrible disease can decimate a crop and not a lot of things help control. We're hopeful now Gail's telling 01:48 me this is gonna be good. So there is a Twist on this. It's not just this new product the dash through you're talking about you. Also Gale have a Twist you're gonna 01:57 also incorporate in one of your existing products. Yes, I always been a product that we've had out there for a number of years. We really seen some neat benefits this and your combination you're 02:06 talking your comment there about nutrients and four more nutrients. We don't build a better Factory. We can't utilize all 02:12 those nutrients were born at it. And so that's really where ziway has kind of demonstrated itself. You know, we're not only seeing 02:18 the Disease Control but over the last couple years and working with several academic Specialists across the country. We're seeing where the 02:24 the development of the roof mass and the water uptake of ziway is really enhancing the 02:30 plant health and allowing that plant to pull up more water and be more efficient with it so we can build a better Factory now, 02:36 we can utilize all those nutrients and utilize that plant Health on the back end of the year to pack packing yield back in Roi got it. 02:44 Check in with you this summer. What are we going to be applying this stuff how we're going to apply it? And what are we expecting to see 02:50 early results? Well, unless Gail has a different protocol in mind. I would put the ziway in the two by two. Yep. I'd come back in VT with my pgrs my 02:59 foliar feet and my industrial. Yep. And so that's exactly and that's exactly what we're gonna do. So we're rolling on whack this one time 03:05 of the dash through and the first time in the in the 2x2 is Highway, that's right. And that's gonna be enough that's gonna be enough. Even if it's the worst nastiest tar 03:11 spot season in the history of Iowa. Is that gonna be enough? It should be I mean, we've seen some very good suppression out of thy way as we've utilize this over the years. So now what we're 03:20 looking to do with with the dastri always come in and finish that crop off and protect it through that grain-filled period you have the best 03:26 chance to to fill all the way to the end. That's fantastic Gale stratman Gail Kelly Garrett. My name is David Mason stay tuned 03:32 for the results and we will see them and we'll especially see them in the combines roll and you'll keep as a breast during the season when we're on 03:38 site at Garrett Land and Cattle an area. So next time I'm David Mason. Yeah bring you information you can use Come out of the classic.

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