Tapping Into The Soil Nutrient Bank
27 Aug 232 min 30 sec

It is no secret that Iowa has great soil.  The challenge is getting those nutrients to move from the soil to the plant.  Mike and Kelly talk about how they have been able to tap into that soil bank using Source rom



00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. Mike Evans coming to you from one of our fields up here between Charter Oak and Dow City, Iowa. We're obviously in the big hills here. We're in the less hills. 00:08 You know, the soil is deep as temple and mats say you can dig forever and never find the bottom of it. And because of that soil, we have a great microbial system, 00:15 great biological system, and there's a tremendous amount of nutrition in this soil. We've just gotta figure out how to get it released. 00:22 One of the products that we use to help us do that is Source from Sound Egg Evans. Why do we use Source? 00:28 Source Allows us to tap into that nutrient bank in the soil. Um, it's a, we've had great results with it in a lot in the two years now. You know, 00:37 we applied it again this year and just really happy with what we're seeing. It's tapping into that nutrient bank like you're saying. It's big. I mean, 00:45 you know, if you, if you go somewhere else that doesn't have what you'll see behind us, they're y drop in their Yep. Top dressing, 00:51 whatever their method is to apply nutrient late season. That's not an option here. We gotta find tools like Source to help the plant do it naturally. 01:00 And from what we saw last year, big results. You know, plant health is on top of that. And when you have good, healthy plants, they're gonna draw more nutrients. So we've got to have access to that. 01:11 And we've seen the results from that. Um, technology in source. Keep The system going. It's growing. Yeah. You know, uh, 01:19 I feel a hundred percent confident that we have validated how much nutrition is in our soil. That microbial system is more amazing than I ever thought possible. 01:27 And any product that we can use to help tap into that is a, is an expense and an application that will provide an r o i And it's worthwhile. 01:35 Well, yeah, and, and just think of your cropping system. You're a hundred percent no-till. So, you know, 01:40 we've talked about residue all day long. 'cause it's a big deal and it will continue to be a big deal. Break it down. That residue in the soil. 01:47 It goes in the soil and we've talked about how your soil particular, it could bind up that nutrition. Absolutely. 01:52 So we need to unlock that and source, I believe in that whole system helps us do that late season. And I think we're seeing great results this year and we saw great results last 02:02 year and it's gonna continue to be a part of the program. You know, 02:04 some of our other products that we're using to break down the residue are working so well with the base saturation problem. 02:10 We can have that nutrition gets bound up in the soil. I think Source does a great job of helping us release it. We saw it in our trials last year and we're really happy with what we've seen 02:18 this year. So Yeah, it's a systems approach. It's a systems approach and it's, it's part of the package, it's another tool in the toolbox.

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