Switching To Sap Testing
10 May 233 min 15 sec

Kelly's wheat is not something to brag about this year, so he is using it as an experimental field now. His goal? Balance the chemistry in his plants at a level that he has never done before. A new level of management that includes Sap Testing instead of Tissue sampling.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. We're getting ready to do a trial on our wheat. You know, it's May 2nd. It's a late spring. 00:06 It's been cold and windy. We've gotten some rain things like that. Typically the wheat would green up sooner than it has 00:12 as dry as it was when we put the weed in and the September beginning of October and then the harsh winter. We had we actually had to tear up 00:18 a third of the week because of winter killed it didn't survive. So now we're down to about a hundred and forty hundred and fifty Acres a week that we're going to keep and 00:24 some of it isn't great. But we're going to use it as a research plot. Some of this we will be tremendous. So in the thinner areas, I don't think the yield will be great. But we need 00:33 to keep it into our rotation. I need to keep it for the straw that I bail for my cattle. There's still a lot of value in keeping this sweet. One of 00:39 the reasons that there's value is to conduct some research. We is a grass crop light corn and Mike Evans 00:46 and Mike wingirl and I of integrated AG Solutions are going down a little bit of a different path. We have done we've 00:52 done some extensive soil testing. We have looked at sap testing. We're actually going to go away from tissue testing on my farm for my grower standard practices and we're 01:02 gonna go to sap testing Mike Evans has found a lab to do SAP testing with and the reason we want to use this lab is because the way they extract the nutrients will be more accurate 01:12 picture of what's actually going on in the plant. So we've decided to go in this direction. 01:17 Also, we've done some more soil testing. We believe that there's a lot more nitrogen in the soil than what we 01:23 ever thought possible. So this time of year traditionally, we'd be put nitrogen on this week. We're not going to we're gonna 01:29 put carbon sulfur and micronutrients on this week along with some calcium and things like that, but The carbon the sulfur in the micronutrients are to balance with 01:39 this nitrogen. I've been talking about this. We need to find balance from a chemistry perspective We Believe carbon sulfur and micros or what is out 01:49 of balance and we have too much nitrogen. So we're not going to apply any nitrogen to this wheat crop. We're gonna apply the carbon sulfur 01:55 and micros see if we can balance from a chemistry perspective Evans and windgrove are calling it calibrated Agronomy. So 02:02 we're trying to calibrate this plant Agronomy is chemistry plus biology and the biology is never going to get right until 02:08 the chemistry does and our chemistry is further off than I ever thought possible. I'm excited about that though because I believe if we bring in a line, 02:18 there's so many yield gains that we can make the biology is never going to be appropriate until the chemistry is but every time we 02:24 change the chemistry, we change the biology and so on and so forth. So we don't even have it all figured out yet by any stretch of 02:30 the imagination, but we believe we have a road map to follow now and I'm excited about this and the first step is 02:36 Supply this carbon sulfur and micros to see what happens in the sap test to our nitrogen things like that. Can we validate that? We don't need the synthetic nitrogen and 02:45 this is the way to go and this will be a roadmap for us. This will be a precursor to us to the corn crop that we're currently planting right now to see 02:55 what we can do and we hope there's great things to come. The first sap test analysis is back for us on this wheat crop and 03:01 it's pointing Us in this direction. I'm really excited about this stay tuned. We'll have to see what happens here. 03:07 We're going into the unknown a little bit.

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