Swiss Farming with Sam of The North
28 Mar 231 min 0 sec

Sam Coutu is on vacation (sort of) in Switzerland and he gives us a little taste of what its like to farm in Europe.

00:00 Hi everyone. Here's Sam could see. and vacation in Switzerland And I'm visiting one of my best friends here. 00:08 Right now he's following a field. Which was in wheat, it would go in sunflower for the next season. 00:19 His mobile plowing it wearing residue from last fall cover crops and manure. Here they have to do a lot of rotation. 00:29 On 100 Acre they will do like five rotation. from Hoots barley wheat corn and sunflower 00:40 the reason why the plow here is because they don't have access to any GM moves. And they want to get rid 00:48 of the most of the weeds. That's the main reason also, I deploy they still plow in Europe.