27 Mar 231 min 21 sec

Chad talks about his springtime strip-freshener program. 

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Ted Henderson with extreme Ag and Suns out down here. So I got my t-shirt 00:06 on today. We're running doing some strip freshening. So, you know, we've been doing some strip healing for three 00:12 or four years. And what we figured out is what works seems to be working good for us right now. You know how I 00:18 am. I'm changing like a change like the wind blows. But well, it seems to be working good now as we put our p and K out in 00:24 the fall. We're chasing to come by with the strip till rig gets her strips up get some May and then we come back 00:30 into Spring right ahead of the planter and when we run our freshener and so what we got going is is we're putting 00:36 out about anywhere from 12 to 20 gallon according to the farm and corn what we're trying to do of 28005 and we may also have some 00:45 boron in there. You know. I've been known for little more on in so we've we're making these strips today. We'll wait 00:51 one rain. We don't have to but with the weather we've got coming. We got a cold rain ahead of us tomorrow. So we won't do any planting like we could literally be 01:00 in the day and we won't do any we'll wait and then after this rain we'll get geared up we'll plan but this will give the freshener time 01:06 to get ahead of us. We'll try to run two to three hundred acres a day with this thing. And this is gonna give us time to get ahead. You can 01:12 see some of the strips that they've made now and let's see where this goes with it.

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