Stretching the Efficacy of Disease Protection in Wheat
12 Oct 227 min 7 sec

Lee Lubbers made one pass before flag leaf stage on his wheat this past season. While the neighboring fields were making another fungicide pass before flag leaf stage to combat the onset of disease, Lee was able to sit back and wait.  He talks about how he extended his protection during his trial with Spraytec.

00:00 Hey, they were talking now about how to maximize your fungicide performance in your first treatment on wheat 00:06 standing in a wheat stubble field here in Gregory South Dakota with extreme AGS Lee lubers. He did two treatments in this field. We're going to tell you what we 00:15 did in the first treatment and how it sets him up for Success use the product League called Full Tech Cube. They commonly call it Cube their spray Tech and you 00:24 did that in your first treatment, which you said was about first week of May. Take me to that and take me forward. Yeah, we 00:30 went and we sprayed our wheat at what they call feeks Four it's vegetative stage that you're targeting for herbicide pass. It's about five inches 00:39 tall close to your my length of my hand and our goal with adding the cube is pair with our fungicide to stretch out the efficacy to 00:48 get it up to the flowering period so we don't have to worry about disease is coming in around flag leaf 00:54 and devastating the flag leaf and having to add another pass or lose yield because we're targeting a later pass at flowering. So we 01:03 paired the cube with it so we can get our fungicide to last a lot longer. This is a normal treatment. You said you're still learning about weeks. You're from Southern Minnesota. Yeah your 01:12 experience now being out here in the great state of South Dakota where they grow more wheat than they do in southern, Minnesota. First treatment first week of May that seems right, you 01:21 know geographically climatologically and then he puts this on there. That's normally in the old days when you would have done fungicide only, correct. 01:29 Mm-hmm, and now you're putting this full-tec cube in there. Is that when it's normally going on yup, and it's running 2.7 ounces with the 01:35 fungicide. So you're getting your nitrogen phosphorus copper sulfur and Boron. So the 01:41 benefit of the copper is denied denaturing proteins John the product that you guys manufacture is defoaming. 01:50 I learned as the defoaming agent like four things, right? So tell me about the four things are besides the foaming. So it's deformer. It's an excellent anti drift. 01:59 I spread their sticker agent or non ionic surfactant in the pH it just there's gonna bring the pH of the water down to 02:08 four or five dependently hard water your water crummy is gonna work with that. Okay, then you took that product and you add 02:14 and you made a cube and that's because you through nutrition and as Josh is talking about. Yeah, so the company originally started with full 02:20 Tech Edge event. So we started with the application technology and we started adding mold other Nutri 02:28 Into the product and plant Health components such as copper and copper plus size that Josh mentioned to make the plants stronger and they will 02:37 be able to handle stresses and diseases a lot better. Back in the old days when you were a wheat farmer starting out you to put fungicide on and that early spring 02:48 mid spring time frame because it's the right thing to do. Did you ever add anything back then? No, we didn't 02:54 and sometimes we had to come back in and Retreat. Okay, you wanted to do two treatments and you did your second 03:00 treatment happening sometime. Mid June roughly, right and then you first treatment beginning in May it was a fun decided. It was their product. What did you hope to tame from putting 03:09 the full Tech cube in there? Our goal is to stretch the efficacy. We are fungicides from Peaks for all the way to flowering on 03:18 the flag leaf and keep everything healthy. The cube product has not only those four things that John mentioned they also have the nutrients that Josh talked about. Did you see bump 03:27 on the performance of the weed and that beginning in May time frame by having that component of nutrition with the cube? 03:34 Yeah, we did one thing. We noticed when flag Leafs were coming out and fully erect and doing their job capturing 03:43 nutrients and sunlight ours were staying clean. But I know it's two or three neighbors around us were being forced to treat for rust and we were not okay. You 03:52 think the cube the difference? I think it really helped. Okay. How many acres did you use it on this year? 4000 plus? Okay. So we always 04:01 talk about when you do a trial versus standard practice is using cube in the mix with fungicide for the reasons mentioned it 04:07 gave you longer efficacy on the fungicide it also give you nutritive bump and got you through some tough times there until you're next treatment. Is this standard practice 04:16 now, we'll keep doing more trials with that. But yeah, we're liking what we see. It's it's headed to probably a standard practice. Let's talk about return on investment here. Let's 04:25 face it Lee Loopers can't have Loopers Farms not make money. It's all at some point. I come down to return on investment so he can be solvent. 04:33 What do we spending out here per acre and doesn't make sense? Yeah, you're only looking at about five to eight dollars added on deer fungicide. So looking at that. That's pretty 04:42 pretty cheap for most products in general. There's a fungicide treatment about double that we spend like 13 12 15 dollars per acre on the fungicide tree. We can be from 10 to 20 04:51 dollars. Okay. And so we spend about five to eight dollars depending on use rate. Do you remember you use greatly was it near the five or near to the eight? 04:59 You we ran actually the lower rate? Okay, so about five bucks. You still got the performance you're looking for five bucks on this. 05:06 You made a point about the benefit also is that when you're doing a fungicide treatment you throw $5 worth of cube in there and you can do what? Yeah, it's always a system 05:15 approach how you want to manage it but instead of working with like a $20 fungicide per acre, you can do a cheap strobe or 05:24 any other good product with our full tag Cube. So you add our full tag Cube to that product that's gonna maximize that product performance. You're gonna 05:33 have a pretty good plant Health all the way from V or action from Peaks forward till flowering so I can use a little lesser price fungicide product 05:43 in my program with you can save some money on the fund your side and add Cube and bump the fine side performance. Got it you agree with that. Yeah, and then 05:52 what else your last takeaway for the person listening in this about your idea, you did 4,000 Acres. This wasn't the three 05:58 acre trial. So what do you think? I will definitely be doing it again the cube goes on all your acres and with your 06:04 first pass of fungicide. Yeah. Well, we'll Some more strip trials so we can get multi-year results. I think that there's a net five to five dollars you spent what do you 06:12 think the bump was? Did you get did you get 10 to one did you get 50 bucks out of that? Five bucks. Did you get 25 bucks out of that? Five bucks? Well, from 06:19 what we saw from some neighbors. We eliminated an entire pass. What's the big thing that you always point out? Sometimes 06:25 it's not about big yield bump. It's about the money you save but yield retention exactly maintaining yield got it. His name is Lee luber's one 06:34 of the fair original guys with extreme egg. This is Josh and John here with spray tag, if they want to learn more if you were listening, what's 06:40 to learn more about Cube the product went incompatibly and bumped your fungicide. Where do they go? 06:46, it's our website. You can get our numbers on spray Tech you learn about full Tech Cube until next time I'm Damian Mason coming at you for extreme AG check out all of 06:55 our educational informative and insightful videos and audio content at and share with anybody you believe can benefit from it.

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