Stress Mitigation
12 Sep 221 min 6 sec

Chad talks about the products he is applying from Marrone Bio that are designed to enhance crop protection and mitigate late season stress.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and today's another phobia day. So we're working on 00:06 a double crop soybeans. And as I've said in many of these videos, I think we run out of time, but these people's got products that we're trying to push forward 00:15 to try to help and see if we can help with some stress mitigation pieces and some fertility pieces. So today, we're trying maroon bio and these are 00:24 three pieces that were putting in again. This will be at a fooler. Fungicide timing is what this would 00:31 be the piece that we're putting in here is Pacesetter it goes in it's a it helps with a fungicide activities, you 00:37 know, and this one right here is Haven this they're stress mitigator. 00:41 And this one right here is emerging ale last year. We use it in a dry form. This is liquid form that's got now and this is a fertility piece. So look, we've tried 00:50 this in a couple of settings. We're gonna have one and then these two together, so we're gonna have several things going on in the field. So look forward to the results of this. 00:59 I think that's gonna work well, Thank you.

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