Strategies and Adaptations For Successful Farming Amidst Urban Sprawl
30 Aug 238 min 52 sec

Johnny Verell’s farming operation is expanding. Unfortunately, so is Jackson, Tennessee — the city whose sprawl of suburbs and commercial development is knocking on Johnny’s door. Johnny explains his strategy to survive, or even thrive, when bulldozers and concrete trucks roll into fields he once farmed. (He’s lost 350 acres to development in his backyard, yet he’s still growing!)  A few of Mr. Verell’s tips: Stay in good graces with landlords to partner with them on transitioning to future land purchases after they sell to developers. Maximize the acres you don’t lose to development to fully utilize your equipment and infrastructure investments. Lastly, Inform the community of the economic role of Agriculture — Johnny volunteers to speak at the annual Jackson Chamber of Commerce meeting! 

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