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When you deliver a 345 bpa yield in the 2022 NCGA Yield Contest, you end up with a lot of residue. Temple Rhodes talks about the program he uses to reduce residue and the side-by-side comparison he is conducting this year with





AgXplore Octane

00:00 Hey guys, temples of extreme mag here. I know I talked a lot about these. You know, I call them residue eaters. 00:08 But here's one of the things that we did. I used a couple different products. I've got a split in the field out here. We're not really seeing any difference 00:17 in the split. But to give you an idea of how much Stover was out here. I'm standing on the exact same spot that we took our NCGA trial got 00:26 lucky this year and put up a three 44. I guess that's what it was. But anyway, it's a lot of 00:35 Stover. It's it's a lot to deal with it's going to be problematic for us next spring. We all knew that it would be so this is what 00:44 it looks like now. That's how much this product really works. Now. There was a cover crop put in and out 00:52 here and I'm grazing this field. I got cattle out here in the field, but we're grazing this field but after putting the cover crop in that's how much 01:01 this these products really do work. I mean, it's pretty incredible. I'm really satisfied with you know, 300 and some Bush of corn and this is 01:10 the only father that I've got left. I mean you can look down there. I mean that's dirt. 01:15 I mean that stuff is working. I'm thrilled with this. I couldn't be any more happy. I'll tell you exactly what 01:23 we what we put on here was we two different tests, but we used about five gallons uan. 01:32 We used res cycle from integrated AG Solutions on part of the field and we use residue RX on the other other part 01:41 of the field. We also put in a humic acid. We put sea cat on out here with Booth treatments and then we 01:50 put a sugar on with both treatments. We actually used Octane on this from AG Explorer. 01:56 So more to come I'm really thrilled with the results so far here. It is December 20 Second and I'm really impressed 02:07 with what I see so far a lot to come stay tuned.

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