Starting To Get Concerned
19 May 231 min 57 sec

Kelly was getting concerned about his early planted soybeans, but they finally emerged and he talks about the system approach he has employed.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. I'm sitting here in the office on a rainy Saturday morning. We just went out and looked at the crops that were planted on April 7th and 00:07 April 10th. Uh, right around the Easter weekend, they're finally starting to emerge. I was getting concerned, but, uh, it appears that the concoction that Mike Evans of Integrated Ag put together, 00:18 put in Furl. The systems approach that we talk about is really working products like Octane and accomplished Macs for our stress mitigation products like Mega Grow and 00:28 Radiate our PGRs that are really helping with the root development, the bio stimulant that's in our planter box treatment, 00:34 and the Hopper throttle product from Meristem, the Micros, and the liberate ca from Agri Liquid. 00:39 All of that is attributing to the success we're having in a cold, wet spring. I was starting to be concerned that they weren't gonna come up. 00:45 I was very much hoping we weren't gonna have to replant. We had some nights down to 23. We had some frost. Even a couple days. 00:52 The ground was stiff. A week or so ago, Evans dug up some beans that had turned around and were growing down, most likely because it was too cold and they were looking for some warmth. 01:00 But as you can see in the pictures, we're having a decent emergence. There'll probably be some thin areas in the bean field and some heavily residue 01:06 areas, but by and large, I think we're gonna be successful and keep the stand. And I would attribute this success to, 01:12 to Mike Evans and Mike Win Grove of Integrated Ag and what they put together here. And I think we're gonna have a successful growing season. 01:18 And you can see in the picture, especially the soybeans, the that bean is, is just emerging, but the root system on, it's already six inches deep there. 01:26 And, uh, we can't forget, even though we don't have growth above ground, we've got growth below ground. And the, and our infertile treatment, uh, 01:35 is a testament to that. The depth that we plant and the early planting, all those things help build that healthy root system. 01:42 And I can't say enough how, how important that is. Um, excited to see how these crops turn out. And I really think they're gonna make it. I was worried about replant, 01:50 but I think we're gonna be okay.

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