Starting The Season On Second Base
14 Apr 232 min 30 sec

Kelly started using


 Accomplish MAX in 2021 and he was skeptical about what it promised. He explains what he saw and why it is now a part if his grower standard practice. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG here to talk to you today about accomplished Max from agerson. 00:05 Let me first explain to you a little bit. What accomplished Max is accomplish is their soil biology product that's been 00:11 around for many years and still works great as Mike Evans. My agronomist says accomplish helps you start the year with your soil on second base instead of having to 00:20 take off from home trying to round those bases. It gets you part of the way there to begin with really activates that soil. The 00:26 max part is when agerson took their kelp or seaweed extraction process and put those stress mitigating qualities from the seaweed or 00:35 kelp into the accomplish and we've had great yield results from that 2021 was the first year. I had trials with accomplished Max and I was very skeptical about 00:44 this stress mitigation technology. We've been using accomplished for many years, but then they combined the kelp extraction with it. They told me 00:53 to be help with a yield response skeptical we put it out there. We walked out there in June with Brian Cornelius to make a video the corners rolled up we get out there today 01:02 rose that had the accomplish on it the trial area and the corn was 01:05 Old and relaxed that was in high yield area resulting in a 10 bushel yield gate Another 48 rows downward. 01:11 This Hillside was a high-stress area. There's a venous sand that runs through there in this particular field and I put the trial there on purpose to see what would happen. If this 01:20 stuff was as good as advertised it resulted in a 28 bushel yield gain, very amazing to me accomplished. Max 01:26 has now become a grower standard practice for Garrett Atlantic cattle on every Acre Corner of soybeans. It 01:32 is in the furrow on every acre we wouldn't be without it seaweed is one of the fastest growing plants on the 01:38 face of the Earth. And when you think about the tide coming in, it's very cold wet and salty and when the tide goes out, it's very hot 01:46 and dry but yet seaweed has evolved over the years to become one of the fastest growing plants on the face of the Earth agerson's unique process extracts those qualities puts 01:55 them into the accomplished technology and now they go into the corn or the soybeans and we can see the results in my yield trials. 02:02 Using a product like accomplished Max which helps spur the soil biology and take stress off. The plant is a very sustainable practice when we're 02:11 talking about nutrient ucficiency or your carbon index score. Those are very sustainable practices and the world is moving in this direction to try to have a slower our synthetic 02:20 fertility and produce more with less great product. And like I said again grow our standard practice.

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