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Lee Lubbers is a master of squeezing out a crop in a year when many of his neighbors are resorting to cutting their corn for silage and hoping for better times in 2023. While it never comes down to just one product, Lee talks about a few of the things he did this year that he believes made the difference between chopping and combining, including the use of an in-furrow biological from

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00:00 Morning, everyone. This is Lee lubbers the field report from South Dakota. Here I am in our droughtiest field that 00:07 we have. This field is up on some clay on some gumbo ground and there'll be two videos included with 00:14 this of neighboring fields that are pretty much smoked. And this field turned Browner and two days and it had in two weeks. 00:24 We hit 100 degree temps here again this week and been bone dry. You can see. 00:31 Can't even do a root dig this bounces off. So here's kind of interesting. I went and added a bunch of bugs in furl and they 00:44 have a split check. And I went and I pulled over about three passes in Prime the system to get it through and 00:52 then came back and put it Road a row. And it kind of like what I'm seeing and I think we got a little bit better ears. Being a 2012 event. 01:07 I'm extremely happy. Now you don't win Awards with this that you make money. That's what it's about. 01:18 BLD bottom line deal. So I'm very happy up here. A lot of corn has been chopped for silage got zeroed out. 01:27 You're extremely low yields. And I think that we will be over under bushel corn still here. 01:37 We had a good consistent stand. Good ears. I'm thinking 120 130 range. So I'm happy. 01:48 Everyone's got an ear on it. We got pollination. There's a lot of pollination issues in our area, too. 01:54 I've been here in stories about that. Guys got stocks no ears. We've got pollination on everything. This is a little bit tougher ground. Like 02:03 I said, it's Clay gumbo high pH sticky kind of tougher. We don't hit our top yields on this. 02:11 But when I looked around the area and solid Shoppers are coming. And we've got good corn and a week 02:19 ago. I even got asked by an agronomist said what did you guys do what you do different? 02:24 Because you've got the only green corn up here said for 20 miles around there's 02:28 Nothing, it's brown. It's all burnt up. Well, it's a systems approach. There is no one thing. I do like it. I'm seeing with a bunch of bugs. 02:41 And concept agrotech. I think that helped in Pearl. The first standard practice and we'll weigh it. Take it to yield then we know exactly. 02:52 Not science, but it's real field results. And that's for about I am extremely happy. I'm five foot 02:58 eight in this corn is about head height. And we've got good big ears. And we can pull over 100 bushel dry land corn and a 2012 03:07 kind of event on subten inches of moisture for the whole entire season. That's a glorified desert. 03:15 I am happy. liking what I'm seeing and I said that's it is hard as a road can't even do root checks. But it's about paying those bills. 03:33 I'm Lee lubbers the extreme AG. And let's do it.

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