Ground -Truthing Agronomic Hypotheses
1 May 244m 4s

Kelly Garrett and Mike Evans are putting their agronomic hypotheses to the test as spring activities ramp up. The focus is on finely balancing plant nutrition—a critical factor in achieving optimal crop health and yields. They begin ground truthing their strategies to ensure they align with real-world conditions and deliver tangible results.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Gear from Extreme Ag. Today's a big day, it's kind of the beginning of spring for me. 00:05 We got red out on the drill putting in our root pasture mix, our new forage intensive grazing project we've got going on. 00:11 Pat and Richie are out spraying with the John Deere and the Haggy Pat's putting on nitrogen, Richie's putting on a micro pack plant health type stuff. 00:18 Evan's gonna explain to us the products and why we're doing what we're doing. Yeah, so the Pats in the IES stream bar in nitrogen. 00:26 So we came out D Sea probably a week ago, but it's just that weather's been kind of crappy, cold, rainy. 00:31 So we have first day we've got a chance to get out and uh, get in the field. So he is putting on about 50 units in. 00:37 So we get a little shot of nitrogen. We tiller pretty well and the wheat from fall, uh, 00:41 way better than we were last year. So we're gonna give a little end kick here. We're using, uh, high energy in from Aquid access blend 00:48 with our humic acid just as a stabilizer. So we're putting that out and then Richie's falling in behind him with a foliar. 00:54 So weather's been up and down. We're putting on uh, a little bit of phosphorus to help with the start of the season. 01:01 You know, cold soils, lot, lot phospho oils. We're giving a shot of phosphorus, we're throwing in a micro pack, 01:06 so since we're putting nitrogen down there, we're putting the micronutrients on to help process the nitrogen like we 01:11 Ate the nitrogen balance the plant like we've been talking about. So we got that on there. And then we're putting on a 01:15 couple new products that we work with called exclusion and backbone. Exclusion is more of our kind 01:19 of plant health help fight fungus, stuff like that. And then we're using backbone as a, as a carbon source high fold compound. 01:26 But it's also got things in there to help with that nitrogen. So the carbon, we need to assimilate the nitrogen 01:31 with the micronutrients so it's a, a package. So we're spoiler spraying that on there with a little bit of, of PGR as well. 01:38 So we're kind of hitting it with two shots here and trying to feed it and give it the right additives 01:43 to handle what we're feeding it Basically. Uh, it's about 60 degrees out. 01:47 Uh, there's a hundred percent chance of rain tomorrow. It could be a little bit nicer, but it's not terrible for what we've been through. 01:52 We kind of had a fake spring back in February. Yeah. And then winter came back and so yeah, again today 60 degrees 01:58 sun's out this afternoon. Pat Richie are spraying red's drilling in the pasture because a hundred percent chance of rain tomorrow night. 02:03 We're really hoping to get all this work done ahead of the rain and have some nice results. Yeah. And it's just, we're running two sprayers. 02:09 They're both new sprayers so the guys wanted to get it running. It kind of worked out that way. 02:12 Kind of excited to see, you know, a little different package than we've done before. But with the potentially the wheat's got, 02:17 we might as well give it a shock. It, it is a little different package from what we've done before, but you and I and Gro 02:22 and Verne have been working so hard with Clint and we've been working so hard with Jared that uh, studying this and balancing the plant, we've lot got a lot 02:30 of great hypotheses and now we're trying to put 'em to action and ground truth them. And uh, I really, I really feel that we are on the cusp 02:36 of something, something big from a yield perspective when we can figure out how to nutritionally balance this plant. 02:41 You deserve a lot of credit for that. Just do my job. So we had planned on doing all this spraying today. We got new to us. 02:53 It's a new John Deere and a new Hagy sprayer. Richie runs the John Deere. It worked great. He put on the micro pack, 03:00 he put on the plant nutrition products, the carbon products. Patrick was gonna run the haggy. 03:04 He used the streamer nozzles and put on the nitrogen, you know, the high energy in and the access sulfur from agro liquid. 03:10 Well, as things happen, sometimes you get a new piece of equipment, there can be bugs in it and the haggy had trouble 03:16 and we haven't sprayed a single load of nitrogen or sulfur today. Patrick. Uh, Patrick's got zero ERs under his belt, 03:22 but you know, that happens. So, uh, Patrick and Richie took the nozzles off of Richie sprayer when he got done. 03:30 They took the streamer nozzles off of the Hagi, they put 'em on Richie and now Richie's out here working overtime, 03:37 spraying the first load of high energy and an access sulfur. He'll get, uh, one load sprayed today, hopefully 03:44 before the wind comes up and then the rain comes tomorrow. We can get the rest of it done. 03:48 'cause it sure would be nice if we can get it all rained in. But, uh, sometimes if farmer, that's just 03:52 what you gotta do it just like we talked about with Richie saving the truck on the, on episode seven, I believe it was, of the extreme Mag show. 04:01 Richie's a hero with you.

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