Spring Applications
14 Apr 232 min 19 sec

An update on Kevin's wheat wager field and the applications he has done this spring so far. 

Teva Corporation

 Concept Agritek



00:00 He had an extreme mag filter here is his owner. If we for this year, I guess we got this the big wheat challenge. now 00:08 kind of give you a background on where we are. This was a field that it was broadcast at a roughly a hundred and fifty pounds per acre 00:18 We had run a vertical tillage tool across it to incorporate the wheat something we do it's fast. It's economical have a 00:27 little bit of your loss around edges, but that's part of it, but it does a good job now during Christmas. 00:33 We had the ground froze and we was able to get 300 units of daf out here on this. 00:40 And then in January we come in and we hit this with 18 gallons of 24 eggs nitrogen. That's 00:49 a 3% sulfur product then we Put sea cat in there from Teva. We actually had our sweets success from Concept agrotech 00:59 in there. Then we had from FMC really good product herbicide there in it product does a good 01:10 job? It's kind of like Harmony and we really got to crop looking good. So then we It just you know, we had so much rain and so much 01:19 water. I was really worried. It just wasn't quite where I wanted. So we come back in February and we put an 01:25 additional 10 gallons of 24s were split applying that nitrogen. That way we can be very efficient with it and very sustainable using this nitrogen and the 01:34 color is phenomenal in that in that nitrogen. We also ran a product to finish line from natures. 01:43 We run a court breaker of that. We run our ccat again and we run our Sweet Success from concept agrotech at that 01:52 time as well. I really like adding those sugars in there because and those that sea cat that carbon product because it really helps eliminate 02:01 any potential burn. So that's kind of what's got us up to this point and says stay tuned for our next video coming up here 02:11 real quick, and I'll tell you about our next step, but we're fixing to do.

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