What is in Chad's Final Wheat Spray Application of the Season
30 Apr 241m 42s

Chad Henderson delves into the details of his final wheat spray application for the season, specifically targeting head scab. Chad explains the comprehensive mix of products used in this final application, which includes a range of insecticides to combat aphids, a specialized micro pack and a lot more.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're out here spraying a little wheat today. It's a little bit windy, but we gotta get it sprayed. 00:06 We got some rain coming in tonight. We're spraying head scab and what we mean by that is this will be our 00:11 last spraying on the wheat. Thank goodness. What we're spraying here is we're spraying four or five products. 00:16 We're obviously spraying some insecticide for any aphids. We have to clean those up. 00:20 We're also spraying a micro pack today. We're spraying one from nature's. We're spraying finish line today. 00:26 On the other side of it, we're spraying a PTR as well from maritime. We're uh, spraying rev line late season 00:33 and also convoy charge. And then on the next part of it, we're spraying the fungicides. 00:38 We're spraying spherex from BASF, so we're putting it in the game this year and for the most part, that's gonna get us cleaned up. 00:45 We may have a few more things in there, such as a load of boron from spray tech. So those are some 00:50 of the companies we're utilizing in this system. Again, it's a system, it's systems approach. We just pick and choose from wherever we need it at certain 00:57 times of the game, whether it's corn or beans, you know, we need the boron. I don't need another tote on a truck. 01:02 I love the boron bags from spray tech. You know, they got 50 pound bags this year. But when you talk about, you know, 01:08 micro packs, all of them's got one. We just happen. We're using nature's this time on the week. We like the way it performs and we're using it there. 01:15 The spherex, where it's one of the first times we're using it this year on wheat. So we'll see how it does. And then you come back to the pgs. 01:23 It's what we're using is the ME stem products is where we're at on that. So it's just some of those products. 01:28 It's a systems approach. It's not one of anything that we use a lot of times, but we love the way they mix together 01:33 to make better we yields. Thank you.

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