Commodity Classic 2024: Meristem Unveils Enhanced Residue Breakdown Technology
3 May 245m 14s

Damian and Kelly stopped by the Meristem booth at the 2024 Commodity Classic to learn more about a new enhancement to their existing residue breakdown product.

00:00 What's new in production agriculture 2024. We're asking that question here on the floor of Commodity Classic. 00:07 I'm with me stems. Peter Rus and XT Extreme Ag. Kelly Garrett got a product right here. You're kind of excited about it. 00:14 This product's been around for like four years. Excavator, I've talked to your guys about this. In fact, it's a stubble digester. Why do you need that? 00:20 Why do you use this To help break down the cornstalks? As our yields get better, as our plant health gets better, the integrity of the cornstalk becomes really a problem. 00:31 It doesn't wanna break down. This last winter, 23, 24, we had some moisture, things like that. Things are probably gonna break down a little bit more. 00:39 But you, the two years previous to that, it was so dry, things didn't break down. And now again, plant nutrition gets better. 00:46 Plant integrity gets better. Yeah. It doesn't wanna break down. This product is the best I've seen. 00:51 I've searched through half a dozen products before I finally found one that works. Yeah. And you know, Kelly talks about it. 00:58 Okay, first off, if you're in the north and it's frozen solid, uh, there's a reason we freeze food. It preserves it. Well, if you freeze your corn stub, 01:05 wool stalks it, it preserves them. And all of a sudden you've got this massive amount, you're talking 250, 300 bushel corn. 01:10 You got massive amounts of fodder out there. So using a product like this, Kelly puts it on and fall where they plant food pass. 01:16 That's cool. It's kind of new, but it's four years old. What you're excited about Peter, is what's happening right up here. Tell me about 01:22 That. That's right. So what we're excited about here is that, as Kelly mentioned, we got a base product 01:26 that's been working very well. It's got a flexible use window. We can use it in the fall. We can use it in the spring with traditional chemical 01:31 burndown applications to, to increase nutrient availability in season. Uh, so with that, the thing that was missing was there's, 01:38 there's some fungi that do a really good job in, in breaking that, that that nutrient value down increasing nutrient 01:43 availability to the crop in season. But it's, it's hard to, to operate, hard to put it in, in liquid formulation. 01:49 Right? So we were able to bring this liquid B capsule and extension of our bio capsule technology. We're able to bring this liquid bio capsule 01:55 where we can put the, the fungi in this, in this capsule and deploy them at the time we go to use it 02:00 so they can get 'em to the field alive. Okay. So what we're talking about, and you can see this if you're watching, 02:04 is obviously this is your basic two and a half gallon jug. Like you've been putting stuff into your sprayer 02:08 for, you know, 40 years. So on top is this, uh, this little container right here. So what I would do inside of this is you said liquid, 02:17 but you told me on this it could also be powder. It's powder. So we call it the liquid bio capsules 'cause it's liquid ready. 02:21 Okay. Because it goes to a liquid system. Our bio capsule for our planter box is going into a dry system. 02:25 This is going into a liquid system. One of those guys in science, they taught me there's liquid, there's gaseous and there's solid. 02:30 I mean, I mean, are you creating some kind of a new category? 'cause this is gonna really mess up my physical 02:34 science class from seventh grade. I don't think we can change that. We're still in those three categories. 02:38 Right. So anyway, this is a biological product. Why couldn't it have been mixed in there to begin with? Is it 02:43 Doesn't live all the time. This will live in there for a week or so. Yeah. Whereas the, the other biology 02:49 that's already in excavator will live long term and the capsule won't. So it needs to be deployed. 02:53 Understood. At the time of application. Okay. So at time of application this way it is basically coming in fresh. 02:58 It's like a hot mix right now. I'll just pull that off and I go like that. Then what you're looking at, 03:02 and this is just the top of that, if you'll see that dear viewer is I've just gone like this, there would be a foil covering on this. 03:09 That's right. And it doesn't mess me up by putting foil on it. Okay. And then outta that comes really like a couple 03:15 of teaspoon fos. Yes, it does. Little biology goes a long ways. Okay. So, and that goes in every two and a half gallon. 03:20 Does it need shook? Does it need to sitter out? Does it need 20 minutes to constitute No, it does not. Once they deploy 03:24 that, they, they shake up the jug. Yep. Looks like we would, if we added something to it, shake up the jug and then just 03:29 basically give this thing a twist, Put it in there And dump it as usual. Are you gonna be using this stuff, Kelly? Yes. 03:35 Okay. We use a lot. Okay. Now here's the thing. You were already using this product, this made the product better, 03:40 or this actually just put in something that you were gonna have to treat otherwise both. Okay. This makes the excavator work better. Yes. 03:48 It saves part of an application pass for us. We can put it on in the fall or the spring when we're applying our plant food fertility. 03:54 And it helps out with the nutrient use efficiency. So when we say what's new to a farmer from the Mestone booth, you're gonna say excavator's not completely new. 04:00 It's four years old, but this new bio capsule, if you will, technology allows me to put And is there one choice 04:06 or are there multiple choices on what's In here? There's one choice for this particular product. 04:09 We're adding the beneficial fungi. But really what's new is, is, this is an example of what's coming up now, 04:14 but what's new is this, this bio capsules technology that we can deliver products into liquid and this will expand across our entire portfolio 04:22 and we'll be able to bring bio controls and other products To market. Going back to the farmer. Thank 04:24 you. Going back to the farmer, uh, the naysayer, the skeptics are gonna say, what's that little teaspoon full of fungi getting sprayed out there in October when it's 04:33 about to freeze is gonna do for me A teaspoon of, uh, fungi is millions and millions of particles in there. 04:39 A teaspoon is more than you need. And then when the weather gets below 50 degrees Yep. In my con in my neighborhood, it goes dormant, 04:46 but it comes alive again in the spring. And I've seen it happen myself. I'm, I'm not worried about 04:50 it at all because I know what happens. Yeah. So you're convinced this is enough. Fall, spring breaks down the residue, 04:55 and also now putting in the beneficial fungi, that's the promise of excavator with the bio capsule plus. That's right. His name's Peter SLOs. 05:01 His name's k Garrett, you know, he's me, him, and you know, he's with extreme Ag. I'm Dave Mason coming at you from commodity class at 2024 05:07 asking a question, what's new? Until next time.

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