You Triggered it, Now Finish It!
1 Jul 233 min 19 sec

Temple says you are giving that plant a kick in the butt when you apply a PGR, but what happens after is more important.  He talks about his program in the


 Lab he is conducting.

00:00 So here's a new trial that we're doing this year, and we're doing this one for Ag Explorer. I'm, I'm very, uh, used to running Ag Explorer products. Uh, 00:09 one of the products that we're trying this year is upward. Upward is the blend of three different things. So talk about ease of use, 00:16 kind of easing our mind, uh, less products on a trailer kind of a deal. Um, it's a humic fulvic blend. Blend it with a sugar, 00:24 blend it with a phosphorus product, I guess a phosphorus solubilizer. Um, I think it's working pretty good. Um, 00:31 and then we did that in furrow and then we came back and we used a new product called Architect. Last year, 00:38 I was lucky enough to try some of the architect when it was an experimental product, and then I applied it on some soybeans at a early stage. 00:45 So our stage was, um, it was in vegetative. Uh, early on we applied it V three probably. I think that's about where it was. The reason that I put it on last year, 00:58 I kind of looked at it as like a stress mitigator. So it's a PGR plus a micro package. It's all in one package. Again, another ease of use, less stuff that goes on the trailer, that kind of deal. Um, 01:09 we put it on and the stress that I was under last year is very different than the stress that a lot of us skies are under this year. Uh, 01:17 last year we had extreme wet conditions. This was double crop beans that I put it on. It kept raining, raining, raining, raining. We got the crop in. Crop looked rough coming outta the ground. 01:28 We put it on, it kind of jumped in the gear. It was actually seven bushels better, which was really impressive for what I thought that it was. 01:36 I didn't think that I'd see that kind of advantage out of it. But hence we have the new product. So it's called architect. You know, 01:42 it's all about building that plant, you know, building a fortress of a plant, you know, from the beginning to the end. You know, 01:49 the upward kind of gets me started, gets my root growth power pack some stuff into the plant. Lets me get phosphorus out of the ground back into the plant. 01:57 Sugar gives it energy. You know, all these things work in unison with each other, and that's what we're finding extreme ag. So it's awesome. You know, it's, 02:04 it's one more thing. And then we come back with the architect over the top and we're gonna build more branching, right? You know, we're gonna build branching. 02:12 We're gonna stimulate it. So one of the things I'll tell you about, you know, using pgs is I say this all the time, you're gonna kick this plant in the butt, 02:19 right? Well, you gotta be ready to go back and you gonna have to put a micro pack in there too. So you're gonna kick it in the butt and be like, oh, are you good? No, 02:28 you're not gonna do that. So you're gonna kick it in the butt and then have a micro pack in there to make it facilitate what you just kicked it in the butt to do. So you triggered it. 02:36 So go on and finish it. So, here's what we got here. So I don't know if you can see this plant. So I pulled some plants up out here. You know, we've got a, I mean, that's a fairly nice plant for early stage. 02:47 We've got a bunch of branching, you know, we've stacked nodes on there. Um, I'm pretty, I'm pretty happy with 'em. Um, we've done a ton of testing, 02:56 a ton of trials this year. Uh, Architect was one of my trials last year. I'm gonna put it, um, to the test on a bunch of ground for just my grower standard practice. 03:06 I've seen enough out of it. I know that it can relieve stress. Stress is my number one problem this year, 03:11 and I'm gonna try to alleviate as much as possible. See you guys soon.

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