Soybeans Down? Here Is What I Do
20 Aug 234 min 35 sec

Temple's soybeans are on the ground and aborting pods. He talks about what he does when this happens to salvage yield.

00:00 Geez, this is ridiculous. Good Lord, this is terrible. So let's tell you what happened here. So these beans looked really well, um, for the majority of their life. These were planted at 85,000. Uh, 00:15 final stand was probably somewhere close around 80. And this situation, we, we had a couple bay of storms come through, um, and, 00:24 and that that helped push this crop down tight to the ground. Um, that's why we're not standing in real tall beans. This is real world. You know, 00:31 it happens to each and every one of us. What happened here, the reason that these beans got so tall. 00:37 Now we did try to stun 'em a little bit and try to set 'em back a little bit, but we didn't want to go overboard with it because, you know, this is again, 00:44 real life scenario where we want to show that it was this, you know, my grower standard practice against what Aquid thinks that I should potentially 00:52 be using with their products. So we, on this farm to date, we've had 26 inches of rain on this farm to date. So, um, when, when it's a dry situation, 01:05 I can control it 'cause this is irrigated so I can control the amount of moisture that I put out here. 01:11 When you get into a situation where you're obtaining a bunch of rain and you have fertility out here, 01:15 the crop tends to race and wanna get outta control when you get this big leggy plan. Hence why the bla big storm that we got about, um, 01:24 we had two storms big, actually. One was on July 16th, pushed it down pretty good and then we just had another storm, uh, here recently that pushed it down again. But this is what we have, 01:37 let me show you what we got. So this is, it's, it's matted down, terribly irrigated situation. I mean, they're pretty much flat. 01:46 I'm gonna pull out two plants together so I can get the roots out. Uh, the branches are right on the ground now, um, 01:55 and they're all tangled up. I'm standing on half of them here. So here's two plants. Irrigated situation. Of course, 02:02 we talked about this before. I ripped that branch off. It came off right here. Um, but this is what we end up having. This is real life. 02:11 Like they're really yellow down at the bottoms. You know, we have a tremendous amount of leaves. You know, this leaf died off, 02:17 that leaf died off that branch died off. It rotted because it laid on the ground. These branches here, they break off really easy. Look at this branch right here. Look how long it is. 02:27 Look how long that branch is. Now there's a little bit of a vine caught on another one. But look how long that mine is. 02:33 Look at all these fruiting positions that got aborted. Here's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 02:43 There's 11. I'm not even, I'm, I'm halfway down the stalk. That's fruiting positions that we lost. So this is what happens. 02:50 So when you get into this position, and I'll tell you in a real life scenario what I would do, I mean there's a tremendous amount of pods still on 02:58 These plans, don't get me wrong. I mean, it's, they look good and well, I broke all them off, but they, they still look good. I'm not, 03:07 I'm not overly concerned with it. I can't never find a five bean pod like Matt Miles does. I I can never seem to get that right. But when you get into this position, 03:16 what I did was, and if you look at here, I made another application, you see the blossoms at the top there. 03:23 You know when you get into a position where it gets down on you and it gets flat on you and you know that you're gonna have all those abortions 'cause we know 03:32 that this is gonna happen. So what I do is I go out there with another product and I go out there with a P G R. 03:39 And what I do is I use that with some other things and I'll try to get that plant to re blossoms a little bit. 03:45 We want 'em to re blossom at the top and get that growing posi. We want that growing point to produce more seed. It's gonna get air, 03:52 it's gonna produce quality seed. You know, a lot of these seeds down here at the bottom, you look at these wounds that are down here at the bottom. 03:58 This is probably not going to be quality seed. You know, you might be in a position where you get some molding or some sprouting 04:06 and it's di disease infested when it gets down there like that. So these are all the things that we're trying to get around. Um, 04:14 have we figured it all out? No, we haven't figured it all out. Um, alls I can tell you is I got a field full of beans that are down flat and 04:22 if you guys come out and see me on August 22nd, you're going to get to see how flat and nasty looking they are. So hope to see you soon. We're learning every day.

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