Soybean Sead Treatment
15 Apr 233 min 15 sec

Step into Kevin's seed shack to learn about his preferred soybean seed treatment.

Loveland Products

00:00 We're here in the seed Warehouse. We're getting ready to treat seed. We got our USC seed Trader 00:09 we run an lp800 here. It does a great job for our size operation and we're going to be treating soybeans and 00:17 one thing it's really important that I like and I've used this product for many many years and we've we've been very successful with our yields and our 00:26 you know our own Farm. Yield averages and our contest yields pretty nice, but we just keep improving and 00:35 and leveling keeps improving these products. My sales rep reg McMurray. He's been working with me for 20 years. It seems like a good 15 00:44 and he's just Rock Solid. He we both do the treatment together. We want to make sure it's right. We're wanting to get this pretty uniform seed coat on there. And 00:53 one of my choices is that I've used for years is our dinosaur products. We've got some newer ones coming out this year. They should be 01:02 in the warehouse here in the next day or two and we're gonna put this shine product on here and that just helps spread and get that dinosaur on our real good. And even this 01:12 product right here is a multiple product. And we use it alone with our fungicides. It's got inoculate in it and what I really like it's got a really good shelf life 01:22 on that seed after it's been treated. So it's very important that you know, what products you have. If you'll check where your Loveland or nutrient rep they 01:31 can explain to you the kind of shelf life that it has. I absolutely am a huge fan of the inoculant. I 01:40 do not plant beans without it. I realize that some people say you don't need them when you do need them and all that but on my farm, I'll inoculate every 01:49 soybean on the seed on the seat itself. And then as well as we inoculate in Furrow at times too on our higher yielding products, but a 01:58 good seed code is what we want. These are last year's seed treatments and last year this right here had 02:04 our dinosaur product on it and done a really good job. We always save some of our seed we save our Lot number. 02:15 We'll put a ziplock bag and a lot number right there on our seed on our corn and our soybeans because you never 02:21 know when something might go right or wrong and you got something to go back to so. These products we put on these seeds can do a great job, but you 02:30 still got to have great seed and so we're we very happy with the seed that we have but these are smaller seed beans but do pretty 02:39 good. If you have any questions, give me give me an email a call or whatever. I'll be glad to walk you through. We we do try to follow the label. 02:48 Sometimes I have some Fuzzy Math and I might actually put a little bit more on there because it's a really good product and I like a little bit better than what it says, but we got 02:58 to tell you guys to follow the label but it's a really performs well for us we we've been using it for probably. 03:06 I don't know a long time, but he'll stay safe.

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