Source Corn Root Dig
14 Oct 221 min 51 sec

Kelly and Mike look at the differences between the corn they applied


 on versus the untreated corn.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG. We're here today in my shop to do a field report on Source pretty windy outside. So 00:06 Evans out went outside and dug some plants. We brought him back in here. The reason we're doing this is a couple weeks ago. I was at my friend John Scott's just north of me 00:15 his Source applied corn has a pretty Stark difference to his unapplied acres and I came 00:21 home. I was excited about it Evans went out looked at ours dug up a couple plants. Obviously, we're seeing the same 00:27 things John is the source applied corn. The root structure is bigger and better versus the unapplied. The ears are bigger around we haven't waited yet, but 00:36 I'm pretty confident. The ears are heavier Evans. What else do you see, you know, when we sprayed this was about PT fungicide time, but what I have noticed is on these 00:45 roots just not applied Source, you know some of these like this one's kind of damaged a little bit and there's not as much link to him. You look 00:54 over here when we played source with we got a lot of new growth coming out especially out on the outside here. 01:00 And like you look at like that one, of course, we broke some off digging another ground grounds a little hard. It's been dry over that on that farm 01:06 Pro coupled a couple weeks, but I'm seeing a lot more growth rubber root hairs on the nodal roots that are penetrated through so overall that should help our 01:15 grain fill as we noticed. Like you said the ears are bigger, so it's probably helped our grain feel. A little bit I would assume so. 01:22 John saw a 20 bushel yield Advantage last year These ears are definitely bigger. I would think the test weight on this corner would be better. 01:30 I'm hopeful that we see a 15 to 20 bushel yield advantage ourselves. 01:34 And Visually if you go look at the field that where there's where the lines at it seems like the the where we didn't spray is a 01:40 little yellow or like you said and it's like Greener and spots. So plant health is better uptakes better. Yep. I 01:46 think I'm excited to see the yield difference here Source looks like the real deal. Yeah.

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