Soil Rehab
10 Jun 231 min 42 sec

Chad is back at it again about to install drain tile in another field.  He talks about the uniformity and the various stages of soil rehab he has seen in the last 3 years since installing his first drain tile.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and here we go again. Uh, you see all these rolls of tile behind me because we're gonna do it again. Uh, 00:08 year before last, we tiled some ground. This same time is when we tiled our first two trial projects. Um, and the things we've seen from that, the soil health, 00:18 the things that's going on as far as us planting all the ground, being able to get the productivity out of it that we need. 00:25 And a lot of this that we're tiling is irrigated ground. So we're able to, as much as possible, control water. You know, before, you know, we would be, 00:32 be ready to plant a farm, but it would be, I don't know, 7, 8, 10, 50 acres according to the farm that wasn't just 00:39 ready. And we'd had to wait another week or two to be able to plant it. And then the top was drier than we wanted it to be, you know, because some of, 00:45 a lot of the ground's rolling. When we started doing these tile projects and running this pattern tiling, then we was able to get farm uniformity. 00:53 And so that made the farms more productive because we're planting uniformity and we're planting from one side to the other. And then we're now, 00:59 we're with us being two to three years in, it's the ation piece that we're starting to see and the soil come back around on us where it's just been wet for so long and we couldn't plant it till the later 01:10 months. It was, some of it would be a month or two behind if it did get planted. And this has just been a real game changer for us in areas of our farm that's 01:18 been a lot less productive. So those are some of the things we're seeing. And I mean, I know that everybody knows this, and this is all just new to us, 01:25 you know, for the most part in the south, you know, on the way we're tiling now, you know, y'all stay tuned on this. 01:30 Y'all reach out to somebody if y'all need some areas, get some information from 'em. Be glad to help you catch you later.

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