So You Want to be A Seed on Miles Farms?
4 May 233 min 3 sec

Matt takes a seat in his soybean field to talk about how they choose a seed and how it eventually becomes part of their grower standard practice. He also talks about what he dislikes and how he has been fooled by some hybrids in the past.

00:00 Just something I want to talk to you a little bit about today is a seed selection. We've got a lot of different. 00:06 Varieties that we choose we do a normally do a strip trial on corn and beans every year and actually on Cotton too and we'll 00:16 put what we think is the the top varieties that we're working our area on those flights. And from there. 00:22 We we glean knowledge of what we want to plant the next year may take two or three years before we you know, we bring that variety into full production. So we'll put 00:32 the variety in our own personal strip trial under our production. of practices 00:38 We'll run it a year two years three years if it keeps winning a you know, winning the strip trailer being in the top then then we start 00:44 putting it in, you know after the first year. We'll put it in a small acreage. And then the next year we'll increase that next year increase that they're changing 00:53 varieties so much you get used to a good variety. It does a really good job for you and then balm it's gone. So that's one thing I you know, I 01:02 I get a little aggravated at you know, and I understand that we've got to keep moving forward but a lot of times we'll get 01:09 a variety. We thanks doing really good and then it will we'll go away on us. We're in a field of 4910s that 01:16 that read by Agra go and this being has been in our plot a couple years and it's it's really done. Well, you know, we can't decide if it's a sand Bean 01:25 or a clay Bean, you know what to get tall, but it don't get too tall. It falls over and last year. I think this being come in second and our plot. 01:33 We're looking at it now, you know up this plant particularly, I would call this V2. We're getting 01:40 our second trifolium out on it. You see a little pucker and burn from the pre-merges that we put on it, but that's one thing 01:46 that we don't wear about a lot when it's being when these beans are V2 V3 is is what kind of damage we 01:52 get to them? We're still putting on a good root system. I didn't dig this one up. I just pulled it up and you see it's got a really good 01:58 actual Tap Root on it's got nodgers all over it. You know, I pulled all the the fibers Roots out Agra gold is a company that that we've been 02:07 dealing with, you know for several years. I've got good corn good good beans and we're happy to be able to plant some of their, you know, some of their varieties we do a good job with 02:17 them. We've had some pretty pretty good NCGA showings and go for the green showings, you know for for an Arkansas farmer, we can't make you know, 02:26 some of what the other guys can in my opinion because of the heat that we that we you know have but anyway, 02:33 Like we were really excited about this 4910. We've got some really Stout varieties of corn. One of our NCGA plots is a variety 79 64779. 02:43 I think we're we got pretty high hopes for it. So we'll we'll take you through the year with Agra gold and what's going on with with 02:53 their fields and hopefully show you some good results as we have in the past.

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