Side-mounted tanks. Like them? Love them? or take a pass?
22 Jun 241m 25s

Johnny Verell talks about what he likes about these side-mounted tanks.

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00:00 Johnny Rell with his stream ag. We're out here today getting ready to take off our Demco tanks on this tractor here, 00:05 and we've been using Demco tanks for probably about four or five years now. The reason we're using, we need something 00:09 that helps us make less passes across the field. So for us, we put the Demco tanks on our planter tractors, we're able to haul 1200 gallons of fertilized 00:17 or herbicide depending on what we're doing because sometimes we'll put spray bars on the back of our planters and we'll spray behind the planters 00:23 so we're not having to chase the planters with the sprayers. So for us, they've been a very big part of our operation. 00:27 They're very versatile, zero maintenance, zero issues with 'em at all. I mean, like I said, these tank are four years 00:32 old now, maybe five. We put 'em on LSW tractor sometimes this year they're on duals. 00:37 And like I said, Mount all real easy takes just, you know, maybe a couple hours to put 'em on 00:41 and probably takes 30 minutes to take 'em off. So it's really not that big of a deal for us. And like I said, they've lasted four years. 00:47 We even had a tractor last year get off the side of the road and get hung up in the ditch and the tanks actually hit the, 00:51 hit the ground, hit the mud, didn't break any welds, pulled the tractor out, pulled the tanks out, had no issues at all. 00:57 So as far as being rugged, I don't think there's another tank on the market like it because we go over terraces when we're planting. 01:02 So we'll plant across the field and one pass we might jump 20 terraces. So that tractor's rocking back 01:07 and forth going over those terraces at, you know, five to 8, 9, 10 miles per hour depending on how we're hitting that terrace. 01:12 And so that much weight rocking and stuff like that, and never had any issues at all. So for us, Demco has really changed 01:17 how we operate on our farm by being able to haul the amount of liquids that we are.

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