Side-Dressing Corn With A Sprayer

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31 May 242m 9sPremium Content

Johnny Verell from XtremeAg explains his side-dressing technique for corn utilizing a sprayer with stream bars.

Johnny Rell with Extreme Ag. I'm out here today. We're actually side dressing a little bit of corn. It's gonna show how we're doing this. We talked about it last year. We do a little bit different. We didn't come up with this, so our neighbor's been doing it for several years. We've been doing it probably five or six years now, and it, it, it works really good on our operation. We've been fighting rain this year in the last 10 days. We've been in the field a day and a half. So, uh, they got rain coming again tonight. So we're out here today streaming. We like it 'cause we actually use our sprayer and uh, that allows us to uh, get 120 foot width. Uh, we actually use stream bars. It's a stream bar made by needle mag. We use it on our wheat to side dress our wheat, but we're running in this field here, 51 and a half gallons on dry land and about 72 3 gallons on irrigated. So one way we do this, we add a 12% humic and I think that's key to all this humic. He helps with all kinds of things with the soil, the nutrient uptake, stuff like that. But it also helps safe in that nitrogen to keep it from burning the corn. So Matt, so I just kind of get y'all a video of us running out here right now with this, but it's been a good deal for us. It works really well. My sprayers at a 50 gallon range rate. They're running about 15 miles per hour, 14, 15 miles per hour when you go up in the seventies, of course they're not running that fast. But, uh, it works really good for us. But, you know, it, it allows us to least run probably 10 miles per hour. You know, a few things that can really affect the burn it really seems like to us is the humidity, the temperature, stuff like that. Today it's overcast. It's been kind of drizzling rain a little bit this morning. Kinda like a big dew out here. So we're out here able to still sidedress, we're gonna knock this out today. Hopefully finish up all the fertilizing for the year on the corn. But like I said, that you still get some burn, nothing catastrophic or it doesn't melt the plant to the ground as long as you do it in that V four, no later than V five application. That's the big takeaway from it. We've done trials on our farm. We have a field day every year. We did trials for several years on it. If you go V six or after, it really burns the core and it does affect the yield. It's nothing bad, but it does take off a few bushels doing it that way. We've done side-by-sides with wire drop. We've done side-by-sides with knife rigs. For us, our soil type, our conditions, we really get a good response just being able to stream it on. And for us, like I said, the easability being able to run 120 miles per hour, not having to add any hoses or anything like that to the machine really works well for us.

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