21 Jul 232 min 1 sec

Chad takes a look at the side-by-side trial he is conducting with Stoller USA with a root dig.

00:00 It's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and doing a little digging. So we out here looking at a little corn and this is some of the corn that we got 00:06 a Stoler trial in. And you know what? Bad as I hate to, I had to dig one or two of 'em up just to see what we're doing and, and what we're trying to accomplish here. So let's stay a little look. 00:17 So first of all, as you can see, I'm down in the cornfield. Good way. So we just took off walking this on the, 00:24 this side here is treated with their products. This on this side is not treated with their products. So there's where we dug that one up and you can see the root system on it. 00:36 It's a nice root system. Um, looks good. And you see the hole right there because I'm gonna put this baby back. I'll stick it right back in there when I'm doing right. 00:47 So this side over here is where we got it got theirs at and the root system's really nice. This was a infer application. 00:56 And then we have a herbicide application as well. But this is the one, the plant here with their stuff. 01:05 This is the plant without their stuff. So, you know, we have a nice root system on both of them, but I do believe that this root root system on this one, 01:15 I think they're doing their job and the infer products is definitely showing out. So, but you know, all this matters and it's real nice, 01:23 but it all happens when it comes to yield. So we'll see what it put puts in the tank, but the root system's a great place to start. 01:29 And there's a couple of the root digs from the products we're playing on, on, uh, on this trial. So as you can see, 01:38 we put old trusty back in here, packed him in. Good. Put this one back in. Good. Ain't even pulling him up like Kelly Garrett does, you know, and, uh, throwing him on tailgate. I can't really lose one. 01:51 So we planned him back in, been known to plant corn before. So put 'em back in. Let's see if we can make a ear out of them.

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