Tender Trailer Technology Updates: Seven Minute Sprayer Fill
8 May 2440s

Layne gives an update on the tender trailer build and a few components that have him pretty excited.

00:00 Hey guys, lane Miles. We're working on our new Demco trailer. We've been working on this for a while. 00:04 Uh, behind me here we've got two of the white inductor tank and, uh, a new high flow, high water flow gallon pump. 00:13 Cool thing about these, you know, it sends all of our chemical through the hose that actually fills the sprayer. 00:18 It doesn't go ever go through our pump, and it's all done through pressure. Something new to me, it may not be new to, to the ag world, 00:25 but it's new to Miles Farms and we're excited and we've never had a big water trailer like these, and we've never had a mixing system like these. 00:31 Never been able to fill a sprayer in seven minutes. So we'll see how it goes.

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