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24 Aug 235 min 59 sec

Temple is treating this Sorghum crop just like he would his corn crop. He talks about what he has done so far on the crop, where the deficiencies are and what his plan is to bring this crop to the end.

00:00 So here we are back out here in the sorghum field. So, um, again, I can't say it enough, I don't know anything about this. Um, 00:08 I've been leaning on one of our partners, uh, at Natures for, you know, my fertility and for all my recommendation. Tommy Roach was a sorghum breeder, 00:18 uh, for years. So I figured who better to ask than that guy, so that I've kind of been following his recommendations all along. Um, 00:25 so to let you know what we've done so far, so we put a, um, we've, we've streamed some fertility on 28 0 0 5, um, 00:33 also with a micro pack in there. We had some micros that went in with our, uh, our herbicide pass. Um, we, after that, 00:42 we put some dry fertility on, and if you look, you know, you can see some of the, the dry fertility burn on some of these plants. Uh, 00:50 it's here and there. It's not real bad. It's not, it's not terrible, but it is here. I mean, it, it makes it look a little bit funny, but I mean, 00:58 the crop looks beautiful. It's dark, black, green. Um, so I don't know how to, to, to really look at these plants. All's I can tell you is like, I'm gonna try to look at it like a, like a, 01:08 a corn plant is, you know, and I, I pulled up a plant here, and we normally do this when we look at corn plants, you know, 01:14 we kind of stick a knife down through it and we cut all the way through it, all the way down to the root. 01:20 And then we break that apart and we start to look at the bottom part of that crown. You know, let me come over here so we can see it. You know, 01:28 at the bottom part, I'm getting ready to fall over at the bottom part of this crown down here. You know, we're looking for anything abnormal in there, and right now this is, 01:37 this seems very clean, so it'll get dark or discolored or whatever, you know, if you get in that situation. So, um, 01:46 I was asking Tommy today, you know, I, I, I was like, Hey, look, I'm looking for some more recommendations. I've done everything so far. Uh, 01:53 the last past that with the dry fertility, I put on, uh, about another 50 pounds of nigen. Um, I put ion eyes on on that. 02:02 I got a, a company here to, to blend that on there for me, um, ion eyes is, uh, is helps me get phosphorous into the soil. It makes it more available. 02:11 Also kind of keeps that urea, the urea that we're putting out here. You know, urea is volatile. Any nitrogen is volatile, but it is especially volatile. 02:20 So I'm, I'm trying to stabilize the nitrogen. I'm trying to make my phosphorus available and I'm trying to get it all done and I'm trying to pack that into plant as much as I possibly can prior to going into 02:32 heading. I'm trying to get it to get as far ahead of this as I can. I just don't know enough about this crop. Um, my very last, 02:39 last pass that I'm gonna make, I'm going to make a, a, a pass. Much like our, you know, I guess mine, 02:46 Chad's send it kind of a deal with corn. I'm gonna make one in at the end. You know, it's gonna be a micro pack that we're gonna have manganese, zinc, um, 02:56 magnesium. Once the head comes Out and it emerges, and it's not too far from that. I'll show you a picture of a plant here in a minute. Um, 03:04 it's still down there in the stalk. It's probably another two leaf stages back before it, it, it sends the chute out the flag leaf and sends the head out. 03:14 I found it inside the plant when I cut it open, but once I go through pollination, I'm gonna treat it like my brown cell treatment. 03:20 And that's probably gonna be my last pass on this. Um, I don't know enough about it to drive more yield. I've done multiple tissue samples and one of the things that I'm finding is it's 03:31 massively low in boron. We really don't know why. 'cause I, I'm treating this just like I did corn and I'm putting out plenty of boron, 03:40 but I'm still showing massively low in boron. Um, we put nutri charge on it. We put ionize on the dry fertility. Um, we've done so many things. We've added a lot of nature's products on here, 03:53 trying to drive yield, drive yield, drive yield, because I don't really have another way to facilitate getting it on. You know, I didn't really get to, you know, quote unquote dribble fertility. 04:04 I didn't really spread a bunch of fertility up front. I didn't work fertility into the ground. This is such a late season type of a deal. So I'm relying, 04:14 majority of, of my fertility program is a foliar fertility. Um, 04:19 and I've made that really good with being able to manage that in my corn crop over the years. So I'm following the same protocol kind of, 04:27 but back to what I was talking about on my tissue samples. So right now, um, my phosphorus is off the chart. 04:34 My nitrogen is really high in the plant. Um, sulfur is very adequate. I'm really good on everything, 04:41 which I'm kind of shocked how high I drove the phosphorus. Maybe I went a little bit overboard and tried to get too much phosphorus in the 04:47 plant. It'll probably fall down. Who knows? I don't know what'll happen. Um, but I drove a lot into the plant and it's got a ton of it in there. 04:56 Zinc's really high. All of my nutrients are high except for, you know, two things. My calcium's a little bit lower, but calcium in my soil type, um, 05:05 even if I'm in the mid range and it looks low to most people with our soil type. Even if you get calcium into the mid-range, 05:12 you've kind of done something because we're so low on calcium, our base saturations. Um, 05:19 but I don't know where to go from here. I don't know why I can't get boron up. Um, I talked to Tommy about it, um, from Nature's and he said that, you know, I, 05:28 I don't know that you're gonna be able to move the needle at this point. I would just make every application that I put on there, 05:34 I would add some boron and maybe we can, um, send it into the, um, you know, into some of the test weight and some of the green that we sell. 05:41 So we'll be back to you soon. We'll let you know how this is turning out when we make our next application. And we're gonna do a video when it's out in head and we're gonna see either 05:49 little teeny, tiny heads or this stuff is flat, or we're gonna see something be to you soon.

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