SelectShot Trial Update
28 Jun 221 min 15 sec

In this post-planting update, Kelly talks with Chad Gorham, a farmer from western Iowa,  about the experience and savings he had in his first year using the SelectShot system from


00:00 I was Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I'm here in Dunlap, Iowa today with Chad Gorham. We're going to talk about the select shot system from capstan 00:06 AG daddy installed on his John Deere planter. Chad I understand that you anticipated. That you would need 6,600 gallons of starter fertilizer end 00:15 of the season you only use 5,000 because of the savings of the select shot system that 1600 gallons of fertilizer. 00:24 Means $14,000 of savings almost $9 an acre on your farm. The system will pay for itself in three years and you are more productive. You didn't have to fill 00:33 as often. What do you think? It is pretty seamless. The guys came out help to set it up direct into the can bus system. So it was seamless into 00:43 the John Deere system and work great. Yeah. I thought it was pretty Advanced that you can plug that into the can bus and run it right off of your command center new 00:52 John Deere tract. Yeah, no needed extra monitors and like that and we got ready to plant they came out to set it up and off. 00:58 We went not many problems during the spring. So yeah support from the company was great. Yes. It was Brian and the guys were really good to work out call him up and they help you right there and right there 01:07 in the tractor over the phone. I'm glad to work out for you Chad. Thank you. You're welcome.

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