31 Jul 231 min 12 sec

Matt has been using Pivot Bio Proven 40 for a few years now.  He talks about the nitrogen reduction he has seen since he started using it.

00:00 So we're in our grower standard practice corn. What I wanna talk to you a little bit about is nitrogen reduction and the use of pivot bow. Uh, you know that that's a product that we started using again, 00:11 like some of these other products. Three years ago we put it out with a normal amount of nitrogen. We saw a little bit of yielding increase. 00:17 The next year we reduced our nitrogen about half. Um, we didn't see any yield increase, but we seen a positive ROI because we didn't put out as much fertilize this past 00:27 year. We went grow our standard practice as a seed treatment. Uh, we pulled out the actual 40 pounds or counted the 40 pounds towards what we're 00:35 doing. We reduced our nitrogen somewhere around 15%, uh, doing this. And as you can see on this, on this cob right here, we've got a little bit of tip back, which is what the old timers say you want, 00:47 you know, if you've got a full, full kernel, then you don't, you know, you've had too much nitrogen. But, uh, you know, this, 00:55 this shows a perfect amount of tip back. We're about to get so and wet. So I'm gonna end my story other than the fact try pivot bio. Uh, like I said, 01:03 we use it as a grower standard practice and we're seeing a positive r oi so far.

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