17 Nov 223 min 51 sec

Chad Henderson is back in the same field one week later to do an early wheat root check on his Spraytec Seed Treatment Trial plot.  Does he see a difference already?

00:00 This Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and we're out here today and and I did a video exactly a week ago. And when 00:06 this week was emerging and you can see it was behind this is our spray Tech trial and this is just a seed treatment on 00:15 it and you can see the line here the difference the right side is untreated and the left side. 00:21 Is treated so when it come up and you can kind of see a little bit like it's like it's still a little bit behind the left side is here. 00:32 So this is a this is a treated side and when you come up it was behind and sometimes we see that, you know, we talked about it. Sometimes we said because you're putting another coating on 00:41 the seed. It has to get through the moisture has to come in seed has take that first drink and it's just more on it is and it made time-lapse that and we see that from time 00:50 time, but you know just don't get carried away because we'll take it to yields what matter pounds what we sell pounds make bushels. 00:56 So we're just a little root dig. We're fixing to do a root dig and look at it and see if the roots look any different. Let's see what we see. 01:05 So this is this is untreated. So you can kind of see the seed still hooked to it. So we'll go further along and this is where we're starting to establish these fall 01:23 tillers. And obviously that we we're not there yet. This week is not that old this week is probably three. Let's 01:29 see this was planted on the probably the I think it was 18th, October 19th October's when this was planted. So I've had real good growing conditions. 01:42 and so you can see the root system. on this week It's got a nice root system on it. What digs some up this treated and we'll take a look at it. 02:03 All right. So we we dug this up as best as we could. And again, this is Road row. Same variety same everything and this is 02:12 this is the roots and the and the more we look at it. We is like well, I don't really see much difference. But this is 02:18 the ones that are treated. Right here, and they're really fibrous. It's a lot of roots system really fibers. And this is the one that are untreated. 02:27 And it's a larger route, but it's not near as many roots. It don't seem like as fiber says this other what is 02:35 So so that's what we're looking at looking at closest saying number of plants. But there's a difference in the two. 02:45 Is what we're seeing. So we'll take it to yield, you know, again a rip bigger root system better root system. It should be a better 02:53 health. And that's what we're after his plan Health, but you know, this is just the start of the game and you don't know what you don't know. 03:02 We'll put this non-treated one over here in this treated row and we're gonna replant it and we'll keep eye on it because we don't believe in pulling anything 03:11 up just going away with it and I'm gonna flag it. And then we're gonna put this one over here in this ain't this other rope, you know, I was the kid at school. 03:21 That I would find the ant bed and would mix the ants up just for meanness. Just see if they find their way back. 03:29 so there you go little buddies. Y'all get back in there. This was weak contest field. It might be the only stalk that beat Matt miles. 03:44 We'll keep you all posted on what we find.

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