Seed Selection: A 4 year experiment
28 Dec 230 min 44 sec

Matt chronicles his experience over four years with Integra seed. A seed that he never even heard of until 4 years ago is now planted on 250 acres of his Arkansas farm. Here is what he likes about it.

00:00 So this is our fourth year to plant the Integra seed. We went from 12 bags to 250 acres last year. We're using a variety. 68 11. 00:07 68 11 is just ringing a bell for us. Every year. We put it up against our highest yield variety this year, side by side, big cab 65 99. 00:16 You know, one of 'em would be a bushel ahead, one time, one of 'em be a bush ahead the next time this 00:21 68 11 is just keeping up. You seen the videos, you know, right before harvest. We peel down the ears, you know, it puts on logs. 00:28 It just keeps up with, with everything and the price on it's better. So, ROI with the 68 11 has outperformed, 00:34 you know, other varieties. Hopefully we find some varieties that even do better than that.

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