Seed For Managing Populations
31 Mar 231 min 0 sec

Kelly's goal is to raise a one-half of a pound of corn per stalk. He talks about the


 varieties that have performed well under the management style they employ at Garrett Land and Cattle.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag here to talk to you today about integrity seed corn. We really appreciate the relationship. We have 00:06 an Integra working with guys like Micah and BJ make it really easy. They've got great service some of the varieties that we use are 5529. 5802 59 00:16 39, 65 88 and 68 11. The earliest variety we would have here would be 105 day corn all the way up to 118 day corn all of these varieties yield very well for 00:28 us under our management style 30 inch rows and variable rate seating. My belief is that I should try to raise a half a pound of corn per stock all of 00:37 these varieties handle this change of population very well. We could be as low as 225 all the 00:43 way up to 35,000 depending on the yield potential of that square foot of soil. We try to manage that intensively Integra helps us with that. They help us make the choices. 00:52 I couldn't be happier with the relationship I have with integrity.

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