Addressing the Singulation Challenges of Planting Large Seed Sizes
2 Jun 244m 51s

Kevin Matthews talks about approach to addressing planting challenges with large seed sizes by incorporating a new seed disc from John Deere. This new disc, specifically designed for better handling of large seeds, has shown promising results with much improved singulation rates.


00:00 We're here, we're ready to go to the field. Uh, we've been working on these things all winter, getting 'em ready. 00:04 And of course, right before you figure out, you find out about a opportunity to correct kind of a issue that you've had in the past 00:12 that you know you're going to have this year. Myself, I like planting large seed. I like a R 23. That's a large round kernel size. I love those size kernels. 00:22 I like the vigor that the seed has in the emergent side. It's just a real strong seed 00:28 and typically it always plants the best in my planters. When we went to the exact emerge with the planter upgrade a couple years ago, we 00:36 struggled planting the large seed. This here is the original disc. It comes with a exact emerge. It's a 32 hole. 00:45 It's called a bowl. Kind of looks like a bowl. And you can see right here the way it's made and it does a phenomenal job on small seed 00:53 and actually some of this um, mixed seed, which I'm totally against planting. I just, I don't like planting mixed seed sizes. 01:00 I want all one seed size. It just normally is easier to get set up. I struggle with R 20 threes and sometimes F fourteens 01:08 and definitely f sixteens. That's a big, big heavy seed and I struggle with 'em with this to get a a hundred percent simulation. 01:15 So I found out on, uh, paying attention on Facebook and then our, one of our good friends that works with us, uh, Mr. Perkins, he said, Hey, these are working. 01:24 This is the, this is the solution for your big seed that you're having issues that he's seen. He said, if you can get 'em, get 'em. 01:32 So I went to my John Deere dealer and, and I sent him the text and the picture of the part number and I said, Hey, can I get 24 of these to try? 01:39 I didn't wanna put 'em on that bow planters. So I've got 24 of them and we'll be running these this week. I look forward to seeing the performance on them. 01:46 But from what I've read online, from the ones that's already started planting further south, that switched to this new style seed bowl, 01:53 and I really shouldn't say it's new. I don't really know how long it's been out, but this, this seed bowl from my understanding 02:00 and everything I read is what gets you back up to that 99 to a hundred percent singulation, which is 02:06 what we want when we ate it, right? It goes into brush, right? It's delivered right and it's at the right space 02:11 and there is a noticeable difference in the two. It's kind of interesting when you look, you kind of compare the two. 02:18 You can see you got a lot larger gap in here. They've kind of filled that in and they're forcing that kernel to set down into that slot. 02:25 This kind of reminds me of the old plate planters that I grew up using. You had to match your plate with your seed size 02:32 and your bag of seed. You had to know how to read all that or the planter would not plant it. 02:35 You can see right here that that's more designed to allow that kernel to sit in there where that's a little wider. 02:41 They do come with a graphite already sprayed on. If you don't spray yours each year with graphite, that is a maintenance item that you really need to do 02:48 before you start planting and you can see where it rubs right there and that's why we put that graphite on there to keep 02:54 that real slick and do a good job. We also number our bowls. I'll be numbering these as I put 'em in, 03:00 but I will follow up later this week with a performance side. Right here's your part number on this new one. 03:05 There are not plenty of 'em out there to get. Um, mine come from Mile and Illinois and through Atlanta and I got 'em in a few days. 03:12 It wasn't that big a deal but I don't know how many is out there, but I've been told that it can be a limited supply. 03:18 I do not know for certain that these are brand new from Deere. You know, they could have been out a year or so 03:23 and we wasn't aware of it, but I've just been made aware of it. So we're gonna put her to the test A as in Apple 03:30 1 3 5 4 6 2 is the new part number for this particular disc that supposedly helps plant our larger seed size. 03:38 Now my question is how does it do on smaller seed? So we're going to see this year, but I will keep y'all updated, 03:43 but I'm looking forward to trying these. So we're 99 2, we're planting 99 4 99 5. We're 80 pounds down pressure, 03:54 Pretty Hard conditions. Uh, we're running conceal the new seed bowls that we put in and I talked about earlier. 04:01 We're planting C 22 seed size. This is a very large rail if you know what R 23 is, well this is a little bit bigger than R 23. 04:10 I did not know they made 'em to this year. Very pleased. Um, certainly is fixed. 04:17 All the problems with large seed getting that perfect simulation. I planted f pork beans 04:24 and little, some a little bit smaller with these bowls as well and zero issues. It's no problem in good ground conditions 04:34 to manage 99.59. Nine seven old Singulation. And um, that's what I expect. I'm very pleased, very happy that I switched 04:45 and we will be switch our other planter over to these as well.

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