How To Rebuild A Farm Planter
26 Apr 244m 12s

Sam Coutu walks through his recent planter rebuild.

00:00 Hello everyone. Name is Sam Katu from Extreme Hag. So I begin, we began this week to work on the planter that I bought earlier this winter. 00:11 So we strip all the units on it, as they are, they were worn out. As we can see, the os where the was, 00:22 gets pretty worn out, which cannot happen with the cast iron wands. Also, also here, 00:35 the tail brackets, they were, the springs of the tail brackets was forging this whole, this whole hole. 00:46 So that's why we, I get rid of that. So I found some experi units with our, which are cast gas iron. 00:59 So I'm stripping them down and building them from scratch. So I want 01:09 to change the seed guard tubes. As you can see the difference between both them. What that does, it's protect the, it's protecting the 01:22 seed tubes from not getting worn out. Here we can see one that begin to, to get worn by the discs. 01:33 So I changed them for, for brand new ones. I'm also changing the rocker and the boat. As you can see, there was beginning to have a flat 01:48 on the boat of the rocker or the mustache. So I'm changing them both. It still eliminate all the loose you can get on your units. 02:02 All the units I bought, they didn't get the tails on them, so I found ones that got bearings on them. 02:13 So it'll get, it'll be a longer life on these units and they will last longer without creating a loose ear. 02:27 So the wheels can stay standard with the furrow. Another thing that is important to check as they are used blades is to make sure the diameters 02:37 of the blades are not under 14 inches and a half. So these blades are in pretty good shape. So I'm gonna re-put them on the planter. 02:50 Once we have installed the disc blades back on the units, it's important to check the distance they 02:56 are touching around here. So we use the two business cards methods and we are measuring the distance between both. 03:07 We need around one inch and a half and two inches. So we ride at two inches. So when they have this distance, the, the, 03:19 the bearings, the disc leg bearings will last longer than if the, if they touch too much here, 03:27 it'll put more pressure on the disc. So, as we reinstall the gauge wheels, make sure that with this adjustment right here, 03:42 that the wheels, that the gauge wheel is touching the disc blades and that you can go up and there's some kind 03:55 of resistance on it. So this way the dirt won't be able to enter here and change the form of the fruit.