Runoff Reservoir
20 Sep 220 min 56 sec

After 4 years waiting for approval, Matt breaks ground on his reservoir.  He intends to catch the runoff from rain storms and utilize it for irrigation.

00:00 Hi guys, this is Matt miles with extreme AG. We got an nrcs project for water recovery. So we're able to catch our runoff water and use 00:09 it to recirculate to irrigate. These fields got the project approved. And now we're starting on it. This has been about a four year deal 00:18 trying to get this approved taking a little Anchorage away. But I think we're giving back to the environment because we're 00:24 not gonna be pumping the groundwater out. We've got service water on the front end. 00:28 We'll have service water on the back end and be able to capture all this runoff water. Not only will it 00:34 improve drainage, but it will also give us a chance to be able to reuse this water again on the crop. So like I said, 00:40 it's been a long time coming, you know, it's just projects like these make, you know, make me feel like I'm giving something back to the farm instead always taking away. 00:49 So yeah. Have a good day.

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