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Kevin and Matt explain why some of the


 products have become grower standard practices for them.

00:00 Kevin Matthews here. I got Matt miles and Mr. John here with Nature's. We're the extreme AG group. We're at the national farm machinery show in Louisville, Kentucky and 00:09 was talking to guys here at Natures many of you folks that follow us and you know, I use a lot of the nature products as just to grow a standard practice for 00:18 me and everybody wants to know why I use them. We'll obviously that's Roi and it's good plant Health, but the finish line or something I use on every acre 00:27 just about every post emerged application get support of that product. Then I use a lot of the Nature's triple 00:33 option as a total fertility Source from some of my soybeans and Matt, he uses some products and talk about 00:42 that while we use them. Absolutely. Yeah. I use a Finish Line too just about on everything we use crowdmax 00:51 Center in for a girl or standard practice and grow our standard practice has been first down, you know as far as a pop up fertilizer. 01:00 Our source of phosphorus in inferior to help the the cotton savings. So Nature's is kind 01:06 of a household name, you know, most everybody's heard of it. And the reason why it's that way it's called the products work to be honestly. 01:12 Absolutely absolutely and didn't know a lot of think I any more today. We've focus a lot on my for nutrients 01:18 that come very hot topic and most the crop Max and finish line are complete with micronutrients, especially finish line that has the folic acid at it 01:27 added into it really drives it in that plant. So it's a tremendous complement all the micros together and I'm sure you guys see the success. Yeah in the field of 01:36 those products when you're in your potassium products Asian product. They do a really good job also, and 01:42 I think that's another benefit of the Finish Line having the potassium acetate in there driver. Also John the 01:48 the Triple auction and the drop Max and and took first down. Yes. The one thing we've done instead of trying to add more cost to 01:58 our our fertilizes. We're trying to be more sustainable and more efficient with our nitrogen and phosphorus 02:04 uses and we're actually reallocating. We're taking some that money away from our traditional programs. Yes, sir, putting that towards some of them I'm gonna call them more of a specialty 02:13 just a better quality product. Yes, the efficiency and saw solubility is a lot what we talk about HARP on with our products and 02:22 why they're so successful is because of the solubility Ortho phosphorus and both the first down and the triple option is a 02:29 great way to get those plants up and up and out of the ground and then the solubility of our cake product or buy. Okay just works 02:35 wonders and is truly the backbone of our products and why they're so successful, you know, we're seeing the efficiency Matt and I've seen it and all of us guys as 02:44 far as reducing the amount of total EMP and we're using and using O'clock is and you know, our Roi is 02:52 actually a little better because we're getting better efficiency and we're still spending the same amount of money putting a 02:58 crop out. We're just reallocating those dollars. Do you think that's the right thing to do or the wrong thing? I mean it is it's how we justify it. Absolutely anytime. 03:07 We can spend dollars more efficiently to make sure we get those nutrients in the plant. We're gonna be more successful economically more money on the bottom line for 03:16 you guys as Farmers. That's the perfect way to describe it and what we oftentimes heart to Growers on is let's spend those dollars efficiently take it maybe 03:25 out of the dry program and allocated to a liquid that we know is efficient and we can drive in the plane. Yeah, that 03:31 makes a big deal. It's a lot less product to handle too without handles. Yeah, exactly. And could you explain to people because I mean 03:40 this is something I learned or how to learn the difference explain the acetate and your potassium and why it's different and watch 03:47 that. So the where I start on the acetate is it is the most soluble source of potassium out on the markets acetate. 03:55 We kind of coined the term carbon. We feed our our microbes our soil microbes with that acetate and it really starts from the ground up. I 04:04 mean, we start feeding that soil microbiology and we get it right into the plant and I think that's what sets it aside from a lot of other potassium 04:10 products in the marketplace. Yeah, and that's where you buy okay that yes, sir. That's where the bio is coin feeding that soil micro. Yes, sir 04:19 with John man. I really appreciate you taking time to talk with us today. I hope you brought some value to remember to kind 04:28 of here. Yes. Well appreciate your guys's partnership with us. It's always nice seeing success of the products out in the field all across 04:37 that geography what I love we're not advertising for you. So if it fails they gonna know if it does good day, that's the 04:46 beauty of anything any product. Yeah, and I like it. Was y'all stay safe?

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