Keeping Your Cool When Spraying In The Heat
13 Aug 231 min 59 sec

Johnny Verell and his chief sprayer operator talk to Damian about the after-market reversing fan technology that prevents their radiator from clogging up with corn pollen and overheating. Preventing this from happening during early season spraying jobs is easy, but when the corn gets tall you’d be stopping routinely to blow out your machine’s cooling system. Now it’s handled automatically so you can keep on the task at hand! 


00:00 Well, it's almost a hundred degrees here in Jackson, Tennessee. And the sprayer can get very hot, you know, covering a lot of acres. 00:05 Those machines rev up with huge RPMs and then Steve and Raper, your sprayer operator pulls in. I hear this. I'm like, what is that? Exactly? 00:14 What were you doing and why is it a cool feature that I think more people should know about? So 00:18 That is a reversing fan. Pneumatic reversing fan, and it does it automatically and there's a toggle switch in the cab. You can turn it on and it'll reverse the fan blades and blow it out. 00:29 This is not something that came with your sprayer, Johnny. This, this is not a factory John Deere deal. 00:33 It came with Simon Innovations because he knew when you're going through the field and the tassels are hitting that grill, 00:38 that's sprayer and it's sucking all that pollen, pollen in what it's gonna do. So he knew with his package he needed a good reverse and fan and that's a game 00:45 changer cuz if we didn't have that, you'd have to be stopping every few rounds manually blowing out your radiator and that just killed, it's really that bad. It's really that bad. 00:52 So when you're doing tall corn, if you're out here on a soybean field, probably not as big of an issue unless you're going through like, oh, 00:57 you know these giant ragweed or something. That's right. So it's just in the tall corner. 01:00 It's mainly cuz the tassels are hitting right into that radiator. Okay. So you all that seed blowing in there and, and, 01:05 and have you seen without this, that you just end up having a terribly hot machine? Yes. Okay. Yeah, you gotta get it under compressor and blow it out. 01:11 Okay. So this works. You're happy about it and you bought it as a package, uh, compliment with the lift kit that we're standing under this now 80 inches and 01:20 then the hub covers, which keep you from knocking down in 20 inch rows. And then this. So this guy, one of the completions of the whole deal, 01:26 You really need all of 'em if you're gonna buy any of 'em just because without that fan you would be getting out and stopping all the time. 01:32 Got it's a reversing fan. You got it from Simon Innovations who we're doing some cool stuff with here, including, uh, the stuff that you can see in other videos. Extreme 01:40 So I'm Dam Mason, Steven Raper. You know what, he's a reluctant star, but I said, you're doing a great job running this machine. 01:45 You probably know more about than Johnny Rell. You can't learn about the machine sitting at a desk. Anyway, he's Steven Raper. He is Johnny Rell. I'm Damian Mason. 01:51 Stay tuned for more cool information just like this about the reversing fan.

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