One of The Greatest Hybrids I Have Seen
22 Aug 231 min 48 sec

A Bold Statement. Kelly planted Integra 6588 for the first time 3 seasons ago. He has had nothing but success with this hybrid. Here is why he has proclaimed it the greatest hybrid he has seen in his 26 years of farming.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett, Mike Evans. We're coming to you from one of our Integra fields. The hybrid is 65 88. I'll tell you, throughout my 26 years of farming, 00:08 I think this is one of the greatest hybrids I've ever seen. So much top end potential really responds well to a lot of our intensive 00:14 management. The PGRs, the foliar, the, the planter treatments. All of this really pays off. 00:20 I've never had a trial not pay off with this product. When we are using the other applications, I Mean we really like this hybrid. Um, we put in a lot of different spots, 00:30 very versatile. You know, we've had it on rough ground. We've had it here. We're at a bottom. It's actually was here two years ago. 00:36 This is a rotated field and it chopped, I think it was one of our best chopping Two years ago. It was like 3 0 5. Yeah. And, 00:43 and this is where we had an onward trial and the corn didn't even dip. It was amazing. Yeah, 00:48 You chopped it. I think you only had to chop like 30 acres. It just turned up really nice. And then, yeah, it really at top end yield, 00:55 it's got amazing plant health. It really responds through our plant health program. Uh, great standability, um, the ears flex with your type of management and everything. 01:05 It just responds to what we're doing and it's just been very consistent. This is actually the conventional version of it now. Mm-hmm. 01:11 So we're really thinking it should, Should have some offense here. Yeah. It should really smoke by looks. What we're seeing here, it, 01:19 it's about R three right now and it's, it's, it's headed that direction. I don't wanna make people think that this is a racehorse variety. It is not. 01:26 It's a very dependable workhorse variety. But I really think as far as we push it, it'll go, you know what? The yield limiting factors in this field us, 01:34 because we don't understand how far this corn will go. 'cause we haven't found the top end of it yet. It really is an amazing hybrid, one that is a mainstay in our operation. 01:42 And I think it will be for years to come.

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