18 Nov 221 min 32 sec

Chad takes a look at the relationship between uneven residue distribution and emergence in his wheat crop.

00:00 All right, we talk about you know, we talked about managing residue and we've had to run a disc we had some uneven places 00:06 out here and we had to run this and this is a prime example right here where my shovels at you say good wheat 00:12 here. Has this coming up in a clean pass and then look right here beside it. This was all planted the same way, but that's just how much corn residue was there and how 00:22 much harder it is to get a stand not saying it won't come on through but you know Wheats of grass crop so we look at it a lot like corn. We want as much emergence as 00:31 possible at the same time and you can see when it comes up later that is still just another tender stage of of yellow here. It just hasn't got to 00:40 Green yet. And so, you know when you're talking about management you every time you stop your combine and you stop it and you pile some seed up whether it's corn or whether 00:49 it's beans when you come out to the end of Green Card stops and you stop this is what we run into. Is that raise 00:55 you so be real careful. And manage your residue as best as possible because it's not you know, you you can't fix it all but you 01:03 know, that's just welcome to real world farming right there. A lot of rescue here is pretty uniform. 01:11 and that's what won't you know, you're gonna have to raise you just get it as uniform as possible because then we go go go and also 01:17 we get a little bit Rich to you and we change colors again and when we change colors 01:22 You know, we've got some emergency issues.

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