Residue Breakdown Results
16 Apr 234 min 13 sec

Temple takes a look at the difference between two fields with two different approaches to residue breakdown.  He has some unanswered questions to ask you.

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Rouge here from extreme AG. I'm gonna take a few minutes and talk to you about what I consider residue breakdown 00:06 products. I'm going to talk about a couple different variations of it particularly on this field right here. I did a video back in the fall. We 00:15 used resurrex on it. And we use sweets assess on it. The reason we did that we mixed it with a little bit of uan as well. 00:24 We do that and what I've been doing that for years and not only helps the soil. It feeds the biology and it will help break down the residue on 00:33 the way. Now. There's a lot of new things out, you know, Biologicals and that kind of thing and they'll actually help break down the residue as 00:42 well. But I'm gonna show the difference in the two and look down here. This was a cover crop wheat here and 00:48 this residue here. I mean, it's really broken down like there's nothing there's no Integrity or nothing. It's it's wet out. We just got a big rain, but 00:57 there's not a lot left this was you know, 300 bushel corn or so so it was a lot of residue but there's really not much left. This 01:06 was a cover crop field. We flew this cover crop on prior to harvesting this but so far what we're seeing it. I've 01:15 seen these results good for a long while now, I really like the residue RX, you know, a human based product along with sugars. 01:24 And I think that that just feeds your natural biology of the soul and I think it helps work all together. Um, so that's what 01:33 we got so far, I'm gonna show you the difference between this and something else and that I'm a little bit skeptical about 01:39 but I'm gonna be back to you in a minute. I'm gonna tell you about it. Alright guys, we're back here. I'd literally drove 01:46 a half mile down the road this Farm now, I've killed the cover crop out here where the other Farm I didn't kill it. That was this was killed about 01:55 ten days ago or so, but I want you to look down at the ground here and down here at the ground. I don't have anywhere near the cover crop 02:04 and if you look around I did I never had the coverage. Um, my my plant stand on my cover crop was very 02:11 different here. They flew the cover crop on and then I put a biological out there, you know, it's a residue eater I call them which is 02:20 basically above a bunch of Biologicals. I put UA in out with it and I swear. I know I have some skepticism about it, 02:29 but here in extreme egg what we're doing all the time is we're finding where do you things and we're not to use things. So what I'm going to tell you is is 02:38 same rate Same time seating same irrigated crop. I'm a half mile down the road. Nothing's any different except for two different products that cover 02:49 crop came up was thicker I've got cattle on it right now. It was it was just a Lusher crop all year long where this isn't now I don't 02:58 know if some of it has to do with when you put that residue eater, you know on top of the ground like that and it's eating up your residue some 03:07 of the seeds that that are flown on and late on top the ground. Is it potentially hurting our stand? 03:15 I don't know and that's where some of my skepticism comes in because where we did it at we ended up with this kind 03:21 of stand. Hence why we got such a quick breakdown. But the stalks, you know, if you're using it, you know, I mean these things are extremely brittle we're 03:31 going to be able to run, you know, a turbo till or a fuel cultivator right through this and be able to bust it right up and there'll be hardly anything left on the top. So the products 03:41 work really really well. I'm just not really sure exactly where we need to utilize on this stuff. You know, if you're a big cover crop guy and you 03:50 spread your cover crop, maybe it's not the right place for some of these other things. Maybe that's where the residue RX and the Sweet Success, you 03:59 know a sugar like that feeding the biological, you know, you're native biology of your soul. Maybe that's where they want 04:05 to work better at. I'm not sure yet more coming to you soon. Thanks a lot.

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