Residual Control in Peanuts
17 Aug 231 min 45 sec

Caleb and Matt talk about their weed control program for this peanut crop.

00:00 Normally you see me in a, in a cotton field, bean field, rice field, maybe in Arkansas. 00:05 And today I've had the privilege to come to Southwest Georgia and be here with Blair from F M C and Caleb, uh, who's a consultant here. 00:12 And we're gonna talk a little bit about the F M C products, your herbicides. And so 00:17 Caleb and I were talking earlier about how challenging it is, um, to do weeded control and peanuts because we have so many limited options posts. 00:25 So you really have to focus on residual herbicide, getting your pre out and overlapping those residual to keep the weeded from coming up. And at S M C we have a product called Anthem Flex, 00:36 which is a mixture of Peris, sulfone and car ventra zone. And it works really nicely at that at crack time or even your 00:44 post 30 day spray to help overlap the residuals you've got and keep those pig weeds from coming up other small seeded broad leads and helps us a lot on our 00:53 hard to control grasses as well. Right. And then one thing too about the, uh, anthem, the Parata cell phone, we really like that as a residual chemistry because while it may take a little 01:04 bit more rainfall or irrigation to get it activated, it lasts a lot longer in our environments here, like where we're, we're heavy irrigation. So we need that. 01:13 We need to keep good weeded control until we get a nice crop canopy. So it really helps us to be able to, 01:19 to get there controlling our broadleaf weeds, especially our palm or something that we face. And then also our grasses, it's got good, good activity there on our, our grass species too. Yep. 01:30 And it's one of those, it's convenient that you can mix it in with all the other herbicides. You spray All together already. Yep. 01:37 So here we go. That's the news on herbicides from F M C.

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