Rebuilding Soil Biology
17 Jun 221 min 40 sec

The soil is a living thing.  When a field is completely under water for a period of time and deprived of oxygen, that living thing tends to die. How do you rebuild that soil biology fast and effectively? Riley Anderson, an XtremeAg Affiliate in Manitoba, Canada, is working with


 to restore biology to a field that was under water.  He talks about the first step in bringing life back to his Canola field in this video.  Stay tuned as we follow Riley's effort to rebuild soil biology this season.

00:00 Hello Riley Anderson here from Morse, Manitoba, Canada. Extreme agaffiliate. I'm standing out here in a field that we floated canola onto 00:10 this afternoon. You can see the urea granules and the odd canola spec. Playing here and there this little Island. 00:21 Is the only part of this entire field? That was not underwater. This is the only dry ground in the area here in this 00:30 field and just wanted to talk to you a little bit about some of the things I've seen here. I'm cleaning up some flood debris and 00:39 flipping this log over You can see. the earthworms and all the holes here and there's some earthworms and 00:51 they our soil needs oxygen and this ground was underwater for a month and that has essentially killed 01:02 our soil biology and our earthworms. They all came clamoring for High Ground. Where there was some oxygen in the soil where harrowing the 01:12 field right now and incorporating the fertilizer in the chemical or in the seed doing some flood clean up here. This field will get Huma pack 01:21 from AG Explorer to try and help build back our microbiology in the soil that we've lost because of the 01:29 the excess water so Have a good day guys, and we'll see you later.