Putting Armor On The Plant
28 Jul 232 min 57 sec

Matt and Layne talk about how they are using the Fulltec Cube as an additive in their fungicide pass.

00:00 So we're here today in our cube plot. Uh, you know, cube is, is something that we tried last year. Uh, 00:06 we ended up getting it a little bit later than what we, we, we wanted it, so we didn't see quite the results last year that I think some of the other guys 00:14 see. Other guys seen some big, big results. But we're excited about it. Uh, you know, we use it as an additive to our fungicide, 00:22 so therefore we've got the actual fungicide plus the natural, you know, full Tech Cube promotes the plant to make natural defenses. 00:29 So basically what we're doing is putting armor on the plant to be able to protect itself from, from some of the, you know, 00:35 things that will happen in the environment. Uh, spray tech in general is, is a company that we've, we've grown accustomed to using their products. Uh, 00:44 full tech is, uh, you know, uh, every fungicide company asks for a sticker of some sort, right? Most people ask for a, you know, a water conditioner. Also, 00:53 we have high phs in our water. Uh, we take the full tech q I mean the full te the full tech from Spray Tech. And we use that in almost every application that we make. Herbicides. 01:04 We use it for Drift and to lower the pH, uh, fungicides, poisons, insecticides. We're putting out a $45 an acre application today on our cotton. 01:13 And you wonder why we don't like to grow cotton sometimes, because every week we're putting out, you know, 01:18 20 to $50 an acre between insecticides and fertility. So One, one thing we like about spray tech, 01:24 and it's almost with every product that they have, full Tech Cube, boron max, the stuff we've been using, everything's real low, low use rate. 01:32 So you don't have totes and gallons and gallons and quartz and gallons like, you know, temple and Chad, like that kind of stuff. I don't, 01:38 I like the two and four ounce rate stuff. Uh, so that's kind of what, what spray tech's really good at in my opinion, 01:45 is keeping things at low U use rate. And it makes people really want to use the, use their products. If I can take a, 01:50 pick a four ounce use rate and it do the same thing as a gallon, yeah, I'm going four ounces. 01:54 Yeah. There's no question that makes a difference. And actually you brought up Tim and Chad, that's something that they're looking for to get away from so many totes. 02:02 You know, you can only get so many totes on a trailer and, uh, spray tanks really good about the low use rates. You know, 02:08 in your mind you kind of think, well, four ounces do what a gallon will do. Uh, so far they've proved that, uh, you know, they proved that it will. So, 02:15 you know, you can take a 16 foot trailer load of products to your sprayer instead of taking two semis. Yeah. You know, so same thing with, you know, 02:22 with the water usage, uh, you know, you can decrease your water some if you're using lower volume products. We always try to run heavier gallons of water when we're running heavier gallons 02:32 of products. And with these products you can actually cut that back some, which makes you get over more acres per sprayer. So, uh, 02:39 and the cool thing is I love the box this year. Yeah, the box is pretty cool. They've got a cool box, uh, you know, it's got the American flag on it. Uh, 02:46 brought it out for the 4th of July, which is perfect timing. And, uh, you know, we're proud to be a proud to be a part of this study. That's 02:53 Right.

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