Pushing Yield on Double Crop Soybeans
19 Jul 220 min 58 sec

Chad is adding a mix of products to use as a foliar on the AgXplore double crop soybeans trial plot.  Can he push yield on his double-crop beans beyond the 50-60 range? 

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad. Henderson's extreme mag, and four wheeler day today. So right now is what we 00:07 got on was. AG explorers products this is V5 V7 four wheeler spray on double crop beans. We're trying to push envelope on some double crop beans and we're seeing 00:18 what what we can find. It works. Well good program for y'all to try with a herbicide. So this was Strack NXT is what we put in we put 00:27 it in at a quart. We put Inferno in at a quart and we put this AG Explorer agx. 00:36 22011 y'all have to talk to rest of them talk to Brewer about it, but we put it in at a quart and then we put prevent NXT in and 00:45 it went in at four ounces. So that was our blend for today and we'll keep y'all posted on what's going on.

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