Pushing This Soybean Field
21 Aug 232 min 59 sec

Kelly and Mike have been pushing this soybean crop since the beginning. They are on the verge of making their R5 application. Here is what (and how) they are looking to accomplish with this last application. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett, Mike Evans. We're coming to you from one of our irrigated soybean fields that we really have high hopes for. We've been pushing this field all year. 00:08 We've made the R one pass. We've made the R three pass. Today is Friday. Next week the drones are coming. We're gonna make the R five pass. 00:16 And one of the products we're gonna use specifically is Sugar mover fromto. I'm gonna let Mike Evans tell you why we're excited to use Sugar Mover. 00:23 Yeah, it's Sugar Mover Premier because they do have a sugar mover product, but the premier is basically, it's got the cytokine in it. So that's, that's 00:31 The hormones in it. Yes, PTs in it. Hormones in it. And why, why we're looking to do that. We got a good pod set on this particular plant. We just randomly pulled, um, 00:40 good structure, structural strength. So all our passes before that, or you Can tell the calciums in there. Yeah. 00:46 So we really wanna drive into the pod fill now, and that's what we're, you know, we're filling these beans up and we want to get all the nutrients we can 00:56 in those, make proteins and all that stuff into that bean pod to get test weight. Right. So, sugar Premier is a boron molly and cytokine package. 01:06 Thatto has, and I'm really excited about it. 'cause all we've talked about all year has been micronutrients or micronutrients. Well, 01:12 those two plus that cytokine and really are driven towards that, that, um, op, I call it operation in the plant, but that, 01:21 that application in the plant. So, you know, we got all these plants or the leaves, photosynth need to be driven down to the pods. So that's what that product does. 01:32 So the Product, the, it, it helps the photosynthesis, helps the energy in the plant drive into the pod to make the beans bigger. Yep. And if we can, you know, Kevin talks about this all the time. 01:41 The size of your bean is where the yield is. Only two times you can affect yield flour. Set. How many we're gonna hold and size of the bean. 01:48 This application of sugar mover is to affect the size of the bean. Make it larger. 01:52 Yep. And it'll help any other, other nutrients. Mm-hmm. You know, boron, iss very important. Just like Henderson says all the time, you know, 01:59 boron gets that nutrient flow. Molly, Molly's big for us now that we've learned some about nitrogen in the plant and how to ma how to syn sensitize that. 02:08 So it's got the molly in there that we need. Seems like Trying to come into balance. Yep. And every time we apply Molly, we get a response here, especially on beans. 02:15 So really, like, I'm really excited about trying this product from them, uh, and getting on. I've heard great things about it, 02:21 so I'm really looking forward to putting on this farm. Well, I'm excited to see what this R five application is gonna do, and, you know, it would be pretty awesome to have, uh, 02:30 some yields well over a hundred bushel. Yeah. And right now with what we're looking, if we can fill these out, uh, what, we're gonna have to count these and see how many nodes and pods we've got here. 02:39 But holy smokes, there's a lot of branching, a lot of nodes, a lot of pods. I, I'm excited to see the number. Yeah. 02:44 And we've gotten the rain, so it's trying to put on more pods. So we'll see what happens. 02:47 You know, they're talking about some hot dry weather coming in the second half of August, but obviously this is an irrigated field. Uh, let's see what we can get here. 02:54 Yeah, thanks.

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