11 Nov 221 min 9 sec

Matthews Family Farms has not traditionally pushed yield on their double crop beans.  Why? Well, because they are double crop beans. But that is changing as they are seeing the potential benefits of pushing the short season beans with a fertility trial from

Concept Agritek.

00:00 So Danielle available here today. We're about to harvest our concept AG plots. We've harvested our corn last week 00:06 and then we're trying to get this out before the rain this weekend. We'll see if we can make it happen. These are double crop soybeans. So they're planted behind 00:15 wheat, it's gonna be interesting to see what we do. We've not really pushed most of our double crop beans very much in the 00:21 past. There's something we're starting to do we done a complete fertility program through concept on it. So it planting we put bunch of bugs and 00:30 soul revive. So we'll see how that does with it. We could tell when we left a strip in the middle. That's just with the planing and then over 00:39 to my side over here. We have another field that has the planning with the foliar application on it. So the foliar application was caliber 00:48 and then we had bo health and Sweet Success. So I with that we'll be able to tell in just the plant and you will or did it do better when 00:57 we done the foliar plus the planning so it'll Resting to see so we'll take it to yield here in a little bit and let you know what we find out. Thanks.

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